How to quickly build enterprise website ranking love Shanghai

4. platform has released some of the building materials quality post

2. key chain improve the chain site correlation. Therefore I to them to the recruitment information, enterprise B2B platform account account. And the recruitment information, product information, business information will be on their own description options, all into the company name: a bottle of this cloud anchor text. And the relevant description in the text surrounding the key.

so I feel now the chain is still very important, but the chain of correlation is a key priority. It is more important than the number of the chain.

3. the rational use of e-mail, I asked them to all the staff of the company, a mailbox information release information on the Internet as long as the link, fill in the enterprise mailbox. @yzbjq贵族宝贝

1. due to the station for the same, so the focus is waiting for collection. This station every day not update an article.

recently took over a corporate website, is a traditional building materials industry enterprises, their enterprises like many traditional enterprises, now gradually attach importance to the network this one. Well, their business domain name is registered within 1 months of the yzbjq贵族宝贝 website, on-line less than half a month.

is through the above points, continue to do every day, about 7 days website not only was collected, and the word cloud bottles directly ranked first. (not because of what the competition, to the first row is fairly easy).

this kind of words there is no need to spend too much time and energy to optimize, this is decided by the nature of words. This is my strategy

let me to do rankings. The need to optimize the words: cloud cloud background wall, bottles, bottles of cloud Zuncai carved background wall which is the first batch of the word, this word is a batch of brand name and product name, is still relatively easy to optimize. I mainly to process my ideas about.

second, the company should do is the word "color carved background wall", I also use the above method. Started in tenth days, now the past 8 days, has been ranked forty-ninth.

more than just a little of his own feeling, hope master don’t laugh. With the exchange of learning.

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