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website content is different, we need to exchange the object is different, we all know for friendship "counterparts" ranking on the website of the impact is relatively large. So, through the keyword search to find the exchange objects, this website and you exchange the weight is the highest. For example, the "territory Wangzhuan" is, do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum website, customers are mainly do Wangzhuan people and small owners, then you need to, and Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, network related websites, direct search engines search relevant keywords can easily find these sites.

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find the site with their counterparts next is the exchange Links, but often there will be a lot of ranking than you in front of a lot of Links sites do not want to exchange with you, but the time is difficult, if you put your heart into it, then talk about how to walk with higher ranked than you Links exchange website.

keyword search methodAccording to the

recently ranked territory Wangzhuan to improve a lot, especially Wangzhuan the word from more than 200 in a week to fly to around thirty this position, in addition to the daily maintenance and the content of the construction of various methods like a chain of soft Wen, forum and so on, the most important point is that many of the same trade and territory Wangzhuan site exchange the friendship link. Although we all know that Links can enhance the website weight quickly, but the exchange Links work in this area has gradually been ignored by many beginners, especially in the emerging market to buy links, if it is a high weight website gives you a one-way link, so the effect is more obvious, it take the new station, a new station on the line that day, there are so few sites give you a one-way link, then you can achieve on the day included the situation, of course, the premise is the weight of each other’s good standing. Links can also speed up the snapshot update speed, find a few new snapshot of a Links, it can drive their own website snapshot of homeopathy, and other sites to realize snapshot synchronization, remember once is to update the snapshot territory Wangzhuan a few days later, exchange two Links after speeding up to the next snapshot of this speed, the role can not be visible Links. Links can help improve the rankings, exchange Links to do home page keyword anchor text is to improve one of the keywords the most effective way to use the word, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan territory is being brought up.

2, rival observation

How to quickly find the peer website

this way I believe everyone is familiar with, often used in the chain increases during the move, if often ask me, friendship is the same, the competitors Links have them help you good screening of the target site, we only need to take the initiative to communicate on the line. The ranking of a website to rapidly improve and surpass competitors, so it is necessary to study the promotion method of competitors and to perform hard, eventually surpass it.



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