People jiquanshengtian about nepotism in Shanghai Dragon

on Thursday is February 17th, 2011 after the Spring Festival, Shanghai love the first large-scale update, search results ranking has changed, there are famous Adsense nets through the investigation on the webmaster, the update, the ranking of the decline of the website ranking rose significantly more than the site involved in the investigation must be the most personal webmaster this simple survey, you can find love in Shanghai once again abandoned personal sites and small sites, good rankings give priority to the station, station, the old station and well-known professional station, of course ranking from search engine results, this is a good natural station in terms of content more in line with the optimal search results, search the engine to provide better user experience of the website, still have to rely on the strength of the site, rather than small personal website.

was found to be punishment domain recovery weight make me good mood, but later I found made me happy, and I two of the other two domain names in the words "Guiyang forum" also arranged to the home page, which is the keyword search results page is almost half of the station is my the. In addition the inspection also let me see more clearly in this article to be mentioned "people jiquanshengtian" Shanghai dragon in crony effect".

said so much, I love this is actually gray Shanghai big update beneficiaries, gray every day through their development of the keyword ranking query software batch query keywords, their management, their management of several sites, dozens of key words. Shanghai love big update Thursday, gray in routine monitoring early Friday in found, this update me the most exciting is that my main website of Guiyang Edmonton net, the domain name is in love with the customs Xiaoheiwu after nearly two months was finally put out. That was in love with the back and forth on the little black house I have previously written articles alone, interested readers can search for "promotion too awesome will be in love with customs Xiaoheiwu" this article. That was off the dark room, although not serious enough to be K, but led to a serious decline in the weight of the domain name, domain domain name, the domain name, after the home has been search engine row to the 6 page, instead of the usual search results page first, all relevant keywords in the first ten pages are not love Shanghai. Love Shanghai Thursday after the big update, the domain name weight recovery before being punished, the words "Guiyang forum" back to the third, some people may feel like a unique keyword "Guiyang forum" that can be routed to the third is not what, but I need to note is that this is not my website name keywords. We have a local name of the old site, very early very well, so I use the keyword, can do third is not easy.

in my administration, there are a number of sites, these sites have three sites, including the Guiyang forum of the PR station I was basically in three months to reach 5, several other stations do late, noble baby did not catch up with the PR 0 update. The multiple sites between each other do Links home, then at the Guiyang forum weight >

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