8 strokes teach you to love Shanghai snapshot is not normal

love Shanghai is keyword rank, if the title, keywords, description is always more to change, the love of Shanghai how to rank you keywords? Or some website today to do consulting, tomorrow change forum, today also speak of a healthy diet, become tomorrow’s military politics, this website love Shanghai can not determine the classification and keyword you, it is better not sure, your cool.

site space is always the lifeblood of both the safety performance, space size, load level, including speed and stability, which is not a key site of survival, a tattered rags program space + the result, is the only day is horse, a variety of malicious attacks, the server is not stable, the website often play don’t open, you said this website, not updated snapshot, love Shanghai K is God bless.

META all day for

law-abiding, >

+ tattered rags

does not update the contents of the

love Shanghai snapshot update is not normal

life is too

space program:

webmasters will complain about their love of Shanghai not updating the snapshot normal or even stop updating, in fact, this problem is really very difficult to webmaster. Especially after walking in the noble baby exchange standard Links change, update time snapshot are more and more important, so some hapless stationmaster because of bad luck and snapshot.

but you know, all things happen for a reason, Shanghai is no exception of love. In fact, whether it is love Shanghai rankings, included, snapshots of time and so on, all cannot do without two words, the content and the chain, Shanghai dragon Er often said that content is king, the chain for the emperor. The meaning of this sentence is not to say that I think well site can run amuck in Shanghai love the content and the chain, but the content and the chain is not a good thing to do to love Shanghai up, why? First love Shanghai snapshots and included on the split die you. So why would love Shanghai snapshot update is not normal? As Xi’an network company, Datong Qinhuangdao data practitioners, let me give you analysis.

think of you every day, law-abiding, good living a normal life website, not cheating is not optimized, love Shanghai want to give you a big red flower, can one day you suddenly find yourself and love Shanghai broke up! Don’t ask, certainly other websites is a server with you to be K out, originally wanted to save money, sharing server, who knows himself as an accessory treatment.

what is a quick snapshot? Take a picture of you, but you either don’t show up (not updated), or turned up no place POSS (no original content), who returned to take a picture of you? Love Shanghai is a camera, you shake every day in front of him, and then put a big the handsome POSS, do not update the only snapshot ghost.

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