Shanghai Longfeng front far more than the industry standard first-line Shanghai Longfeng exchange fo

so Shanghai Longfeng front forum should be from time to time, in order to share the knowledge popularization line of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon help front-line practitioners have a better working environment, and gives Shanghai Longfeng learners have a better learning environment.

currently is in front of Shanghai Longfeng new stage, but has produced a lot of high quality, it is difficult to see the contents of other places. It needs more Shanghai dragon to create a Shanghai dragon home.

Shanghai: Shanghai dragon qx贵族宝贝/

and the Shanghai dragon experience, there is almost only focused on the line of a small Shanghai dragon in the brain, rarely spread share. Now the Internet rumors of Shanghai dragon, never stop behind the line level than a year or two. Therefore, the industry overall downturn, also affected the line of people.

Shanghai dragon uncontrollable? Actually in the first website carrying pressure of KPI years of fighting in Shanghai dragon should know more or less, Shanghai dragon is controllable. Although it is impossible to control every detail, but to make the final ideal effect is not much difficult.

Shanghai dragon itself on many sites is very important. Do a simple math problem, love Shanghai bidding usually at least 0.3 yuan a click on the Beijing area, a good day Shanghai Longfeng wages can be nearly 500 yuan, the equivalent of 1700 competitive click. That is, for the Shanghai dragon, usually as long as make every day thousands of daily flow, its price is higher than that of PPC. A traffic channel is supposed to be so good, many companies attach great importance to, actually otherwise.

now, Shanghai Longfeng salary first-tier cities except very few companies, the upper limit is about $300 thousand. Compared to product, technology can be a million annual salary, or is not ideal. So a lot of Shanghai Longfeng for better development that turned to do other things, have to say is a pity.

China Shanghai dragon after a long development, has never been a stable iconic website. Fire stone interaction for a few years, even the fire light forum in less than a year. Shanghai dragon WHY although the survival time is long, but the quality of the content has been as the first two, usually only in the new stage of Shanghai dragon in the above, after this stage, lost and without a new direction.

because many Shanghai Longfeng level only mastered some other "method", but I do not know how to do the actual, even every day thousands of daily traffic are not guaranteed to do it, which makes the most of the company that Shanghai dragon is free flow channel, but it is not controlled, it would rather spend more costs in more controlled the channel.

贵族宝贝 front dragon

is therefore due to the low end of the industry.

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