Google Panda algorithm to update the webmaster how to deal with

1, Google Panda algorithm, grasp the essence of

Panda algorithm

began to improve the quality of site" from a single web page quality I have mentioned such a view, the high quality of the site is not to say that a web page can improve the quality of the site unless you fix, only a small amount of ", of course, a web page to get the trust of the search engine is more difficult.

is proposed to Google in February last year, a very classic efficient algorithm is mainly for spam sites, after deployment algorithm for the large number of websites have been punished, so small sites do not have a psychological. In the encyclopedia, Muzi into the boat to understand the essence of Google Panda algorithm is based on the trust authority, the content of the site of the original, the user, it is the basis for judging the click stream (Clickstream), the content of the page (page content) and links (link profiles), as long as the situation in performance among the three excellent. Will not be listed as superficial website. So when we deal with the construction of Google Panda algorithm need to do is to adjust the high quality web content, web link quality hypothesis, website user experience Optimization of the three aspects of the work, especially the user experience optimization will give us users trust promotion of great help.

2, improve the quality of Web site from a single page to

noble baby expect about 1.6% search queries affected by "Panda algorithm update", if the domestic website may be higher, because of the low quality of the website has become synonymous with many sites, the low quality of the website for the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng great negative impact, we must deal with Google Panda the algorithm, improve the quality of website is needed from the start.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Google’s recent action is not small, in front of a technology blog Search Engine Land reported that Google will punish the excessive use of Shanghai Dragon technology website, 23, and in Twitter broke the news that recently announced the nobility baby update Panda algorithm changes ceaselessly, the goal is for the poor quality of the website. The two algorithm is to improve the quality of adjustment from the search results, from improving the user’s search experience of personal feeling, it will cause a great impact on the future of Shanghai Longfeng work. Today virtual son rain will introduce Google Panda algorithm to update how we deal with the problem.

to improve web page quality two aspects can operate on a code, we should as far as possible to optimize the code, streamlining the code, such as search engine for the DIV+CSS website is grasping more rapidly than table site grab, for such situation, we can use the DIV+CSS layout search >, improve

The "in front of the

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