Site optimization of decoration company

we are looking for work, the figure is the future work, many benefits in the decoration company. First of all, good treatment. Now the decoration is not cheap, as long as you have a level, can make up words, can operate the company’s website, a month hundreds of thousands, millions of the list is not too difficult. The company just give you a few points of the Commission, at least to a monthly salary of more than five thousand; secondly, the task of light. Compared to the medical industry, decoration industry Limited is not so large, no sensitive words, no love, love Shanghai Health Hospital of Shanghai. You know, now many hospitals in Shanghai Longfeng dawdle; again, the environment is good. If you work for the Internet Co, in addition to people or people. The decoration company is not the same, the office must decorate very well. Can only be said to go to work every day to ride in the sea of art design.

doesn’t have a free lunch, the decoration company to work there are some good places. For example, the competitiveness is very strong, do not say the industry giant marmot, the tuba rabbit. Just say, each city will have thousands of decoration companies, many companies have built many websites. As for the original decoration, what are they said topics not spit. For example, the regional characteristics of the decoration, all kinds of Engineering big difference. Think about it, not decoration company in Guangzhou Beijing work, unless you do is design. Besides, Jiezhuang companies, tooling and design companies into it.

: the first advantage of decoration company optimization.

then, is standing outside the station optimization, promotion, don’t look at the character of gold is very simple. But can do will insist on a few. The station, in addition to the original high quality daily necessary, there is a picture of Tags optimization, writing, selection of these things. Standing outside the promotion, in an effort to expand the chain breadth at the same time, increase the website link building decoration industry. < >

optimization?How to do

third: how do the decoration company

the National Day golden week, a holiday this week is not particularly difficult? Thanks to the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng occupation, now no matter what the company wants to make a website, will build a network, we need these people. If you open a post on the A5 forums, ask you to do is what the company’s Shanghai Longfeng, we will not speak freely. Oh, said today is the site optimization decoration company.

second: the difficulty of optimization of decoration company.


optimization, do not want to say, I know you know, I don’t know you know. This thing, can not be compared, a comparison will know her or a frog. But the long-term comparison is not good, like riding a boat. I think the most important thing is thinking, is the moment you take over the site you think of planning. You have to know your company’s main business, what is the office decoration or decoration Home Furnishing, or both. If both, suggest two sites, after all office decoration customers to see you do not want to choose the decoration.

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