Discussion how to send the article can quickly be collected

6. huddled. If an article in order to optimize, random accumulation keywords, this article is suspected of cheating. The spider antipathy to such content, if the short term included, over time may also be gone.

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fast included direction

3. update not used. The website updates no plan, today 8 new articles, after 4 pm again, you do not know what the spider at home when he came to visit, what time is good.

1. new website. This site is generally a new domain name, website weight is low, and not what the chain resources, the spider crawling flat rate is low. This is typical of the hanging wire type website. This website articles are often not included.

2. people with the title of the article search habits. What is the title of the article accords with people’s search habits? Say, "how can the fast included" the title changed to "website article how to send to Shanghai love fast included, please help to answer.". So, obviously the latter title does not accord with user search habits. Even if the two title can be collected by the spider, the latter is a collection of articles are of little use. Our goal is since the articles included, but also people search, the most important thing is to meet people search habits. < >

Shanghai dragon in this line, if the article published, but have not been included, is really a headache. Today Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ share fast included this method. The cause of this article never included, then introduce the fast included direction, and then talk about the increase of the amount collected in Shanghai dragon skills, and everyone to discuss from the shallower to the deeper. Welcome to join the discussion included the better way.



5. the content of the article, the title of homogeneity is too strong. If the content of the article, the title repeatability is very high, but the content is not much different, so the original will be reduced, thereby affecting the article was collected.

1. to write original articles. The original high quality requirements, keywords to do, with the long tail keywords as the title, the content part of the keyword density is moderate, generally one of original articles by keywords within the 3. And the keywords with the content of your site is relevant, or do not, but not related to the content of user access is not good.

2. is not included. The website is not included, let alone included articles. The first spider the web site that will start the other content on your site of interest. Need a gradual process.

not included?

4. pseudo original too much water. The site a lot of false original article is the head, the tail just added a bit of content, and then reverse the order of the article can not send out, this article not only low quality and readability is very poor.

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