Shanghai Longfeng according to some factors affecting love Shanghai keywords ranking introduction


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3. bounce rate inside pages is the direct show to attract users, if your article is edited out of order, order is unknown, did not attract the attention of the user, so I am sorry, the user does not love you, will you leave. We need to know the bounce rate this time, love Shanghai engine is attached to the bounce rate, such as your bounce rate is very high. So that your website information is not important, or is garbage, the direct impact on your love Shanghai ranking. So when the editor of the article, the appropriate use of red and black, and an important part of display, paragraph should be clear the corresponding place and insert some articles related to the picture, and at the end we recommend popular articles in the article, so the user will not have such a high bounce rate.

The weight of

user experience in Shanghai keywords ranking accounted for a large part of the score, often in the group forum, listen to people say, focus on the user experience, to do original, to do something useful to the user, these are all right, but in addition to these, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix who knows what effect the user experience? Here I will briefly say a few

2. web site open speed website speed directly affects the user experience, if you go to open a website, waiting for ten seconds for thirty seconds, the website also like a snail can not open, I am sorry that this website other optimization again good, also won’t have a good keyword ranking.

user experienceIn fact,

vote of confidence (weight)

this may we all know Shanghai dragon should do. Then we know that the weight is how to estimate? Many people are not too clear, I recently heard a novice said, time is more long, the weight of search engine website gives you more, this is right, but not absolutely. Some people say that the keywords ranking web site, you will have the weight, I was given a negative answer. Because of the high weight website, keywords competitive ability. That is to say high weight, can drive the keywords ranking. In turn, it can not be established. Then the weights come from? This will be referred to a vote of confidence, in the search engine has a consensus on this, more sites pointing to your website, that your site is important, if there is a certain weight site pointing to your website, your website is safe, it is believed, then love Shanghai will give your website a weight weight >

from a Shanghai dragon do webmaster, then owners do have their own web site, along the way to express, from sour, sweet, bitter, hot, but also learned a lot of knowledge. OK, we are going to talk about several factors influencing Shanghai love words.

1. web site structure is good or bad, a direct impact on the user experience of the site, if you enter the station website home page and inside pages are neatly organized, and can let the customer to find interesting articles in each page. You this website is a good mechanism.

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