Beijing Recruitment case study and analysis of key words

B, ganji贵族宝贝 as classified information station, deeply know the importance of the long tail word segmentation on the classification, in addition to Beijing, Beijing recruitment network recruitment, recruitment information, Beijing, Beijing talent network, Beijing talent market ", it also adds description of various thermal mass, door position, such as Beijing Sales Manager, Beijing chef recruitment, from this point that the Shanghai dragon for these words optimization is also relatively good, indeed, look at this," Beijing sales "ganji贵族宝贝 ranked in the first place except the love sea application platform:




1, web page title and description written keywords layout

A, the recruitment of matching keywords in the title and description of the relatively satisfactory, which can bring the flow of words (here only analysis of some words containing the root "Beijing"): Beijing Beijing recruitment network recruitment, recruitment information, Beijing, Beijing talent network;


C, the city’s 58 key layout is aimed at the new rising capacity, in addition to some common words mentioned in the title, which joined the "2013" and "new words", and then use the word segmentation principle of love in Shanghai, basically completed all the matching, the new word matching the "2013 Beijing" Beijing recruitment recruitment "2013" "Beijing Recruitment" etc.. But it’s worth noting that a point is 58>

analysis of "Beijing Recruitment" some of the main competitors of the word, we can find that the removal of love Shanghai application platform launched one hundred primary network, there are two main classification information station (58 city and Ganji) and two (recruitment site Zhaopin and future worries), we face according to the four website to do some simple analysis, these purely personal ideas, if wrong, please correct me.

Beijing Shanghai love recruitment index

Beijing Sales Recruitment search results

recruitment search results

four web writing are actually quite carefully, each site will not be particularly the same emphasis, some simple talk about their own views:

is recruiting at the beginning of the peak, I believe everyone looking for work or as part of the company’s personnel department recruitment will have deep feelings, of course, this phenomenon in the network of heat is a reaction, following through love Shanghai index can be seen in Beijing area from February to March on the search volume recruitment was relatively high, especially at the end of February at the beginning of the March, the "Recruitment" and "Beijing Recruitment" these two words a few times to peak in the Beijing area, as the Shanghai dragon we need in this word when traffic forecast and strategic deployment in advance to do some preparation:

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