How to create a super flow with long tail keywords

to take advantage of the long tail keywords to increase site traffic and improve the conversion rate, the first thing to do is to go to the screening of these long tail keywords. How to select the long tail keywords? May in accordance with the author’s ideas to consider:

: the first choice of long tail keywords

3, these keywords bring traffic to a high conversion rate of

to create a site of the long tail keywords? Shanghai unisignflex dragon today and talk about this problem:

How to use If your

site long tail keywords, and the long tail keywords to the site can bring a lot of traffic, so I believe, most of the conversion rate is the long tail keywords plays a decisive role in.

2: the use of other

such words might be more effective, because they are your potential customers need >

is now a lot of enterprises and companies are the main core of the key words is very important to see at the price of investment promotion, do not say no, but a lot of enterprises and companies ignore the long tail keywords that very high gold content in the importance of these core keywords at the same time. It is precisely these long tail keywords to lower investment to produce a higher conversion rate.

long tail keywords characteristics: 1, relatively long, often is 2-3 words, phrases or even


1: stand in user angle

apart from the customer point of view to consider these long tail keywords, you can also use what famous quiz platform to collect these precise long tail keywords for their own use, for example, you can use the love of Shanghai know, input keywords and topics related to your site for search, see more and more customers are concerned about what problem, then these problems are recorded, organized into a long tail keywords.


exists in the content of the page, in addition to the title of the page, but also in content in

attribute: long tail keywords can be extended, targeted, a wide range of

if you are the product or the service of the audience, how would you search for the information in the search engines? If your company is engaged in JAVA training, you determine your range of services in Zhengzhou, so imagine if you are the target customers, how can you use the words in the search search engine and screening of such services? You may search: Zhengzhou JAVA training that? Zhengzhou have JAVA training class weekend? Zhengzhou which JAVA training institutions more professional and so on these words to search comparison.

if you can put these words make up, believe to be more than what the core keywords awesome, because search these keywords have is take money in preparation for the consumer.

website long tail keywords: non target key words but also can bring keyword search traffic.

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