Herd mentality of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect is not good

loves Shanghai and has a new change in search results to collections, sharing and reporting, it is said LEE’s intimate search new layout. These days are in Shanghai Dragon God’s footsteps, such as Wang Tong, Jiang Likun, Lu Songsong and Mou Changqing, from between the lines that they of Shanghai Longfeng optimization or network marketing is high perspicacity, point of view, benefited ah! This day to talk about my experience: the herd mentality of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the effect is not good.

so-called herd mentality refers to the person affected by the outside world, a subtle change in yourself, the more in line with public opinion or the majority of people’s behavior. This kind of psychology can not say that is not good, but the herd mentality in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, decision is not what good.


first, online spread knowledge of Shanghai dragon theory, most are 08 years or more before. Today, many people in Links still see PR, Br, and included the chain number, and write the title of the party, people to follow the code word around the. But others? Shanghai Dragon God has started to optimize the top, the hair of the chain; industry ranking good site, the article no longer take excessive chain; Lu Songsong blog, clearly illustrates the weakening of the H tag. Of course, no doubt the most basic skills of Shanghai dragon.

2, so why not optimize

machine? ?

yes, too many webmaster work is task: write to included rankings, a blog for the chain, micro-blog open to fans outside the chain, the chain in order to engage in the forum post…… If one day Shanghai changed or >

second, real network marketing is not equal to Shanghai dragon technology. Our daily work is to optimize the bidding rankings, or worth mentioning, what big ups and downs, always feel a little bit of innovation in Shanghai dragon. Ask yourself, how many people has brought great benefits to the enterprise, even the ranking of the first page, above there are ten bidding? Even if the auction is ready now, users can not fool, so many people will compare the channel. Shanghai Longfeng effect is not good now, or that this is the industry’s biggest problem.

1, what is the herd mentality of Shanghai dragon

third, Shanghai dragon master is thinking. The Wang Tong website share a case, said a beginner students earn 8000 monthly (most owners are not the price). We built a simple single page website that provides free optimization services, ranking after the visitors free site diagnosis, then according to the intention of the customer charges.

for example: now do optimization, what are the standard. But countless cases, according to the standard that do Shanghai dragon, or poor results, or drop right. Now you see the love Shanghai rankings, the monotony of the site title, the structure of the optimization method such as like as two peas. Site optimization not up, is that you do not fine enough. Ask yourself: is Shanghai dragon writing outside the chain of

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