Keywords Shanghai joking Dragon into the home in common

Chinese lazy, the earth people know, but China piracy is very fast, because of lazy, so I’ve been beyond model. This is not to say, generally included in the high ranking is not what the chain, but commonly used tools. Many of the tools to put it plainly, is not reliable, is the only deceive the public, but some people need, so he.

third, a sponsor. This is the three party profit, and a most efficient development, provide technology and advertising to improve their visibility, a user with a convenient, sometimes need something to buy products directly to advertisers, so that this effect appeared in a causal loop, this will make the tool in the home full of power.


two, has ranked

generally every webmaster has a pile of love website, Shanghai is no exception, but also the father station and its war. Speaking of home page ranking, there will be Wikipedia, the name suggests, people need knowledge, let you know by the infinite encyclopedia. A popular example, our own station, as long as we want to get what information on top, this information will be always on the site where the most eye-catching, it seems that love Shanghai products too, so don’t struggle too much, one thing is for sure love Shanghai products is made by third party editor the sixth point will be so Zhu Weikun will tell you how to put the site into the bag.

a huge source of knowledge, there is a huge interaction. In addition to Chinese lazy, another feature is the love of learning, Knowledge has no limit. Without money, is self.


, who is a site who advocate

three, gathered to help – created legend

is busy recently, so there is no time to write what, but there are manuscripts in the column, there must be an article appeared three days, although unable to do so, at least a week is a must do. Directly into today’s topic, Zhu Weikun brought home key recent research experience to share, hope to help you study, today is in Shanghai dragon as the theme, we can love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, see page ranking inertia


second free of charge, function better than the first one, with more people, but because it is free, so the occasional big aunt several times, is not acceptable, good stuff is not a free public attitude.

here also divided three kinds of people, the first one is stupid, very hard, but also very hard learning at this station, the time with a lot of energy, but is scanty, because in the interactive platform is controversial enough, but studies are controversial ideas, how can there be mind? "

tool is divided into three kinds, the first kind of tools for direct charge fees, data speculation is very general, class, people use the money, so self comfort, this is better than other tools, it is not commonly used, with more than allowed.

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