Carry out the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng since Shanghai Longfeng sentiment began to mature

remember, first published in the webmaster online blog is a "daily maintenance of the grassroots webmaster do". I vaguely remember in Shanghai Longfeng this post more than three months, affected by the trend of investment, the QQ group to A5 and then also decisive to deliver the first article, the results because with a hyperlink is rejected, is very awkward, then, in the second vote, the removal of super the article also describes the link, pure original daily work as a webmaster to maintain the. Some happy, some happy, is excited, the article, then search the title, remember the first four pages the article seems like mine, as approved by the general in the Naruto Huoying, on the second day and decisive vote "to the end of the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix encounter inventory summary" embarrassed exit date, December 31st is the last day of 2010, to summarize this year in Shanghai dragon sour, sweet, bitter, hot.

Shanghai Longfeng difficult? Indeed, Shanghai Dragon technology, personally feel that this era has become the past, Shanghai dragon has begun to mature, to the integration of resources to the strategy. Why do you say that? If you are concerned about Shanghai has more than a month long, then you look at those heroes in Shanghai Longfeng, similar technology or technology is not much about the real Shanghai? How many dragon not walking strategy route? ZAC last year "Shanghai dragon combat password" fire the Shanghai dragon world, that moment, Shanghai dragon circles as his idol is not a webmaster. But "what is behind the Shanghai dragon combat code"? Shanghai dragon, a lot of questions but did not attempt the grassroots habits thinking problem.

probably done three months after the Navy began to contact Shanghai Longfeng, began to try to do ZhengZhan optimization, then what the Shanghai dragon do? Website background is the development of CMS, so that time to do is to optimize a station TITLE, KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTION of the three META tag. At that time, remember the first time to do this, because also see a lot of people say that TITLE tags, KEYWORDS tags do not change, change the consequences will be grievous. The change, be afraid over several days later, has much more contact, only to find a lot of things, only their own practice to have the right to speak, to change the label, no rumors so alarmist. Of course, not recommended to change and every two or three days, the best is not going to change in Shanghai update date.

this year, Shanghai dragon road, all the way down, go very tired. Shanghai Longfeng apprenticeship, when a month of editing and exchange a month of the link. At that time, just remember that in accordance with the above requirements made, with the workers on the assembly line, at best is a Shanghai dragon, because at that time the family does not understand what is called Shanghai Longfeng, said direct view, then Shanghai Longfeng experience is the Navy, will only do simple things repeat the line of work.

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