Analysis of deep-seated reasons of slow speed website open

there is a saying that good site open speed slow will lead to the loss of customers. The website open speed and page response time, often have received little attention in Shanghai dragon Er, but it will increase your loss of users, in part because the eyes of the user, if your site is not open or long time response time is long, that your site image of the user in mind will be greatly reduced or your website is not normal website, because open regular website in their eyes should speed is very fast, not only the inflow site open speed so slow, so, generally pay great attention to the image of the company will open the site speed optimization measures. In fact, many factors will affect the site open speed, and the effect of each item on the site open speed is not great, but the impact site open speed in the course of time more and more factors, will lead to the site to slow down, thereby reducing the user experience, so the work is not coherent and website optimization, but need patience the daily maintenance can. Today I will take everyone together to find out the website open speed what reason.

2, flash

general spatial instability directly influences the speed of opening a website, there are a lot of new website trouble, eliminating the need for the domain name for the record, and only foreign space can be used for the domain name, which led to a lot of new sites are the use of the space to do. Although foreign space allows the domain name no record can be used, but access to foreign in the domestic space will extend the response time, and relatively stable foreign space without domestic space. Love Shanghai Lee team said that love will not record against Shanghai domain, and love Shanghai has not implemented because after so many algorithm updates, love Shanghai has garbage content hit almost, but in the Internet information quantity, it is difficult to meet the needs of users, which contains a lot of recordation the content of the website has very high value, so there was no implementation, when the amount of information is sufficient to love Shanghai your site will be dangerous, so in the future, must pay for their own website for the record.

there are many websites, in order to make your site look more beautiful, so add the flash file to the site, so that the core content of the site to flash way for users to play out, in fact, if it is your first time to visit this page, not the page in the browser cache, you will find the flash content is the need to load the flash, and the content is not very stable, if the user’s speed is not very good, or your space is not stable, there will be flash loading failure phenomenon, is affecting the user experience. While standing on the perspective of optimization, the spider is not read in your Flash content is what, of course, spiders are not crawl your website in flas>

1, the space is not stable

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