How to through the blog group of Shanghai dragon chain wheel optimization



chain cycle say

blog promotion is only one, that is every update an original articles, and the links between the city must be a circle, the contents must have anchor text link station, only do it so that it can enhance the weight in the blog also passed the blog the weight to the target site

: the whole process optimization is above the original chain of the article, this is a very important link, a ring is also difficult to know, sprocket often operation dozens of hundreds of blogs, according to a blog article to calculate, there will be hundreds of original content, the for individual webmaster workload is huge, but it is necessary, so please write the original article that is a must, or to a large number of high quality original artifacts, and do not use the kind of software fix pseudo original, of course, do not want to spend less energy !

!How to improve the

optimization, the optimization of the sprocket way is not strange, at present, the operation of the chain there are two main ways, one is the blog sprocket, a chain wheel is standing group, for our personal webmaster or blog sprocket to the benefits point, after all, money than station group less sprockets

is not a chain immediately on the website allows you to produce changes in turn the world upside down? The answer is no, remember to chain effect, at least until twenty days later, but also in the premise of each weight of the blog is pretty good, if it is just the opening of the blog, then a little maintenance wait until twenty days later, will not produce results, when your blog has good weight, after twenty days of your core keywords believe that the site will be able to reach Shanghai love of the home page, the premise is the core of your site’s key words of the degree of competition is not too big

weight!The effect of ! !Optimization of chain

With the development of Shanghai dragon

is how K station depends on your blog, if you blog content is collected, and dozens of blog content is the same, but the links changed, so regular blog sprocket is very easy to be found in the search engine, usually as long as the optimization method of Shanghai Longfeng law the search engine will often be considered cheating, so your site will be in limbo is certain! In order not to be K, will be improved from the following two aspects of

the first to talk about the form of the

chain will lead to the K station

common 10 Bo sprocket, 33 Bo sprocket and 55 Bo sprocket, how many of these blogs just enough energy, if you can do 99 blog, the chain link mode is A link B, B-C, C-D…… D-A! This is like a wheel, commonly known as the link to the chain! With many blog to send a very strong


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