Talk about love Shanghai stationmaster product is how to affect my Shanghai Dragon

JIATHIS is hard, some time ago seen a Chinese foreign car section, there is no copyright in Chinese foreigners to speak, I think it is true, but because of love Shanghai as the mainstream, I had to put down the poor JIATHIS, and moved to Shanghai to share love.

When the previous Before

1, Shanghai

love Shanghai to share the launch date, causing many owners of the crazy brush each other, but this function also did reduce visitors sharing site trouble, just a little can be released to the micro-blog, a variety of space and even school, as well as I love this information and return to the sky flying man chain.

January 10, 2013, according to statistics show love love Shanghai, Shanghai released most of the site included, the love of Shanghai statistics background is 2504 index, love Shanghai site included 767 search results. The amount collected and index of love Shanghai is obviously different. The index is forecast for the number of snapshots of love Shanghai throughout the site, but the exact amount collected is included into the effective amount of love Shanghai database. Although the index is large, but the real love of Shanghai included in the article number only 767, the number of articles need to upgrade the site itself.

for a web site, included is not absolute, is a controversial topic, while the single page ranking era has already past, now if the page has very good rankings, must take non conventional means. The formal buy advertising flow impact rankings, informal looking for hackers use black broiler chain, or simulation of love Shanghai visitors action rankings.

love Shanghai statistics, I have been using CNZZ C>.

share love

did not work, work with a company in Fujian open child chat, child is not old but more money, although not for love but the programmer was born, Shanghai search can say one or two, is also proficient in Taobao Tmall and other Alibaba B2C or B platform. Get the lead out of shame I listen to him talk about the success theory, how to love Shanghai Shanghai sex observation algorithm ranking, although I also know some, but not by the real way to implement, if he can rely on such means to obtain excellent ranking algorithm mechanism of love Shanghai is very limited. After all, love Shanghai grab is increasing every day tens of thousands of national websites and difficult to calculate the increase of Internet information, rather than a few computer components of the lan.

2, love Shanghai statistics

love Shanghai Internet, want to make money on the Internet webmaster nature will carefully study the love of Shanghai. Shanghai love is not to take certain methods, love the sea since the launch of Shanghai love share after a hair get out of hand, love Shanghai share has a direct impact on Shanghai’s show of love, a little finger, behind more than to wait a minute, I summarize the title to push out the function of love in Shanghai.

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