Koala NetEase derivative Amoy Shanghai dragon ranking optimization strategy Drainage

Shanghai will look at first love, the content from the website, is a small website or web site. Many large web sites, web site quality (such as known, watercress) they over many years, in the love of Shanghai "in the eyes of these sites are reliable, high quality, so from here out of the link ranking has a natural advantage. The professional title is: these sites belong to the high weight of the site, the weight is the search engine website value degree, mean rank. New sites, small sites are often low weight, it has low ranking advantage. So you send the preference of high weight website. What website weight high? Simple, you do love sea search words, list the first three pages or the five pages, analysis on the know. At present.

first thing clear, next to love Shanghai for example about search engine optimization (English name is Shanghai dragon). Several search engines, traffic is the biggest love Shanghai. The basic principle of search engines work almost, Shanghai love a good ranking, in most cases other search engine ranking is not bad, so love Shanghai and Shanghai love related terms refer to the search engine and by the following terms.

pulled a digression first. Shanghai dragon Kyushu began to learn this thing, and engage in Shanghai dragon industry in 09 years, it witnessed the decline of the process. At present, many emerging large-scale Internet project, Shanghai dragon is only a small part of the flow channel, even not essential. But in many small places, such as the koala project, no company financial support, will Shanghai Longfeng ranking skill but is a big advantage. According to the old saying that year, Shanghai dragon will be a benefit you lifelong things, Internet operators to promote the basic work for the future always helpful.

search engine development for so many years, as long as the judgment basis are the following:

high weight website weight to

do koala micro mall owner, or Amoy project, how to use Shanghai Dragon technology to improve the post ranking, get traffic

? ?

before the article mentioned, NetEase do buy Sea Amoy koala project, one of the main drainage way is to search traffic. Although yesterday just said the search rankings change cycle, to open up new traffic, but there are still a lot of people want to know how to improve their post ranking, the main competition means here is Shanghai dragon.

search ranking. When you search for a word, search engine to make it the best quality content according to the priority order to show you, show the best quality priority, with the word, the highest degree of. Then the search engine program how to determine which link to the content of the best, the most suitable for

Talk about the basic principle of

felt the need to open a single.

formal website Shanghai dragon ranking covers a very wide, temporarily also use that much. In view of the fact that we most want to know is how to improve the post keywords ranking, the article stresses on a single page of Shanghai dragon technology.

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