Good time in the Spring Festival in Shanghai dragon attack

included their Spring Festival

good time to attack

snapshotDuring the Spring Festival in

festival we have no time to do the chain

as long as the frequency of updates, updated efforts will make you a snapshot of the steady, one day more is definitely not what fantasy.

during the Spring Festival Competition is lax, competitors will not pay attention to their own website in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, while we have to rise beyond the counterattack, at this time the opponent. I talk about the mistakes of the webmaster tools to tell you not only with the webmaster tools query results to determine the site included, the optimization effect, can love Shanghai statistical background to check their site traffic, the key is from natural keywords over the flow situation to determine whether their optimization do have the effect. This point is crucial, not just with Webmaster Tools data to determine the optimization effect of you.

during the Spring Festival, we have a holiday home, most of the webmaster home did not have time to manage their own website, and the site most of the content is not updated, this time you can think about it, it is our Shanghai dragon over competitors website attack big good time, high quality content updated every day, or simply increase the absolute strength, is an opportunity, the same website no new content updates, instead of your website content updated in a timely manner, it is very natural to bring you many benefits, the spider will focus on your website, so this is a good day for Shanghai dragon attack.

Spring Festival all sites do not update


as long as the above points are said to do, it must be able to make their own snapshot steady, one day more, never left behind, this is to keep the update effect.

during the Spring Festival, the chain in the appropriate help spider crawling to >

Let fly


Spring Festival Competition lax

during the Spring Festival, we have no time to update the website content, not to mention the hair of the chain, even if the Commissioner of the chain of employment, the new year we have a holiday, so obviously, during the Spring Festival outside the chain, do not give up the Shanghai dragon, remember I said you pay attention to the execution of Shanghai dragon so? The key is execution, as long as we insist on doing so can do day in and day out. Obviously, in execution at the same time we must pay attention to the 6 unspoken rule I mentioned the Shanghai dragon, which is the only important point. A direct means of weight transfer chain.

during the Spring Festival, most owners are busy holidays, obviously, this time time is Shanghai dragon attack, a good time over competitors website.

Spring Festival make steady


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