Effect of spider crawl the content of four factors

site map to the spider is a spider crawling roadmap, when have this roadmap, then crawling on the site will not be so difficult, but also do not have ready to feel dizzy. The site map is dedicated to spiders, the purpose is to reduce the spider crawling time, speed up the spider crawling speed, after all, if your site is not to map it, as he did not map to a strange place, rely on the blind to find, it will take more time, I do not know. So, similarly, the site map for spiders is also as important, what all don’t save the map, he is ready to fight the war and postwar direction, summary.

The influence of

spider grab one factor, whether there is a site map

spider grab three factors, whether outbound links too much

spider grab two factors, whether to set the 404 page

did not care, in fact, according to the practical experience, the existence of death for a web site has a very important significance, because he can help website to tell spider, when it climbed to the dead time, give him a back out of 404 pages, in order to avoid the spider dead not prepared, who can guarantee that your site does not appear to have the death, death is very important for a web site, if the site links too much, and the lack of 404 pages, then use Webmaster Tools query analysis, you will find that many of the pages are grab the error, this shows the site of spiders friendly enough, let the spider produce rejection. So, the 404 page must give to a website, anyway and not occupy much space, why not get

website is good or not frequent, with spider crawl the page is relevant as everyone knows, but for the spider grab which pages we don’t know, so we can only rely on the spider crawling over the access log analysis. From the log we can analyze a lot of data, so today I mainly to explain the factors affecting the spider crawling and crawling time, do not underestimate this log, it can help you know the website for spiders, means a friendly state, spider love their own stand, if a large amount of crawling then, you can draw a simple web spider’s appetite, if not to spiders in a few days, so we must check the website is not no spiders love "food", the following talk about points of impact Grab:


a website links more concentrated, have a great influence on the weight of the website, has urged the great role for the time spider stay, because when the spider crawling your site, are generally from climbing to the tail, so the spider crawling is sometimes crawling method according to the breadth, depth and sometimes according to ranking according to the law, when it.

?The influence of The influence of The Many of the sites for the


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