What aspects of your Shanghai dragon can be seen if appropriate

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to the search engine’s point of view, the overall layout of a web site, chain layout, Meta label, JS code, website source code conforms to the specification. We can analyze a few factors. (1) the website source code is simple and standardized, the website source code if there is too much redundant, will make the site access speed reduction. (2) analysis of your site is a clear structure, good compatibility of various browsers. (3) the site of the internal JS code is set properly, remove unnecessary JS. (4) the pictures of ALT tag is set properly. Reasonable to do a complete analysis of the overall site organization.

many people literally decent may be considered to be appropriate, in fact, the network is well meaning "dirty" (garbage), because sounds like. It is hard to imagine a word in the reality meaning and meaning of network is so polarized. But the appropriateness in today’s article not bad, meant that your site of Shanghai dragon does do appropriate or your site in Shanghai Longfeng waste. Usually we analysis a site of Shanghai Longfeng propriety largely through the website of the PR PR analysis, but now the desirability of more and more low, we have today on what aspects can be seen in Shanghai Longfeng propriety.

: from your website on the data analysis of Shanghai Longfeng propriety.

three: good analysis of the propriety of Shanghai dragon

analysis of your Shanghai dragon from the site of the data collected can be analyzed from several aspects, snapshot update, the chain number and quality problems. Then we how to analyze these data? (1) the site collected, the more the more good included on the site; update snapshot snapshot, as far as possible within a week, more than words that your site may have a problem, a snapshot of the update is normal, is a reflection of you whether the site received a search engine welcome. (2) the number of external links and quality issues. We should not only in the number of efforts in the construction of the external links, it is more important to the quality of work. The most obvious effect of the construction of the chain is Links exchange, I usually will go to some friends of the chain link exchange platform, such as the seven rainbow Links platform. A high quality chain worth dozens of garbage chain. (3) through the analysis of the data of ranking web site keywords, if your keywords ranking do good, that the Shanghai dragon is very appropriate, we also can not ignore the role of long tail keywords.

a site of Shanghai Longfeng propriety is the user experience, the user experience of the analysis we can be analyzed from several aspects, (1) the website loading speed, >

: from the two aspects of your site layout and structure analysis of Shanghai Longfeng propriety of

website user experienceThe most basic factors determining

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