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in many cases, the website optimization like in love, if there is a cold phenomenon is very likely to have problems. If you love a girl, but you are not in regular contact with her, but from time to time to look for her, even when their boring time will think of her, so basically is to recover the object actually! Website optimization and the pursuit of the object is a reason, if your website is only occasionally want to to get up, do not have the time or the mood is not good to give up, this website basically is not a good result.


therefore, treat the website optimization it is necessary to have a unremittingly heart, can not be indifferent to our website.

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Lu Songsong


pursuit of object, succeed basically is perseverance and uninterrupted pursuit, small series have at the same time with a person to pursue a girl, when I actually for feeling not so too much, the pursuit of the girl always occasionally send messages, not to any other action. Now sum up chasing this girl when texting times really use a double finger can be counted, so the outcome is I failed, my rival to her pursuit of success. In website optimization, the success of the last reply those unremittingly people, such as the Shanghai dragon industry blog in the well-known blogger Lu Songsong blog, the self Bo has been adhering to update daily original content to the site, now daily traffic is very much, it is one of the most successful person in the the blog, more powerful personal blog is the blog in time than Lou song song long, also persist for many years to update daily original content to the site, now love Shanghai weight basically stable at 6, there is a faint upward trend. Xiaobian have also had a personal blog since the beginning of Shanghai dragon, very interested, updated daily original content, the website included and rankings are up quickly, but after some time, I found this website does not give me the benefit of every day, only a few IP, gradually, I give up this site, when only occasional interest updates on the website, the website now basically no ranking.

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