How to make the site recognized by Shanghai to get love

of course.

four, high quality Links


‘s website to improve the structure of the original high frequency content of the update is not enough, we have the support of the fans, the general foreign leaders, it is often the candidate pull fans around you, gathered popularity peak, a person that you do, is not enough, the thousands on thousands of people, think you are only. Is really good.

how to keep the original content? Remember a word, one thousand readers have one thousand Hamlett, you see, think, the language expression come out, this is the best of the original.

How the

we take the original connotation of self-cultivation, compared to a person, what people tend to have profound knowledge, conversation elegant person, full of respect. Similarly, a large number of original content website, in the eyes of baiduSpider is a graceful bearing gentleman, of course not package, nowadays a lot of "hypocrite"

high frequency update

everyday keep updating the article, baiduSpider will form a habit, every day to check your site, or even to N times a day, many webmaster compare Baidu to women, it is not without reason, every day we write, is written to Baidu letters, write more, sooner or later will harvest.

!Two, the original

site, got the love of Shanghai recognized? 1. love Shanghai spiders are frequent. Update 2. article, immediately be included. 3. search sites are reproduced in the article, his article is always in the first row. 4. The site was even love Shanghai news source collection. How to make love web site recognized by Shanghai

, for example, if we go blind, messy hair, out of order clothes, dirty shoes, roll up trousers, speak not only inarticulate, also asked the west, such an image, can make good impression? Even if you are rich, it is something (*^__^*). Also, for a website, baiduSpider is the only visitors, so the first impression is very important: the tree structure is clear, tend to be flat, smooth let baiduSpider crawling the web page directory. Perfect and human nature of the site navigation, not only clear users for the site entrance to the website, but also the baiduSpider guide. Static URL friendly, no longer let baiduSpider maze. The code structure is clear, no longer let website loaded so slow, a little more time to grab baiduSpider. Bread crumbs navigation kind, not only is a good helper baiduSpider, one of the highlights is to enhance the user’s experience of. The Shanghai dragon, an excellent website structure, often play a multiplier effect is



, a website structure

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