The analysis for the characteristics of love Shanghai Google site keywords ranking

love Shanghai is the two largest search engine Google webmaster friends are most concerned about, the first thing every morning to do, is to see their website keywords ranking, always pay attention to the search engine algorithm changes, recent algorithm changes back to June 28th, Google is also very rare love Shanghai update at the same time, search engine a set of algorithms for keyword ranking, to find it can be said that it is almost impossible, we can perceive is to feel the change of the algorithm, thus to speculate on it.

, love Shanghai pay more attention to the website keywords ranking weight

two, both on the website title

love Shanghai search engine attaches great importance to the website title is the webmaster friends writing, as everyone knows, either before or now, love Shanghai search engine to a website title to give very high weight; through the observation that Google also has the same hobby, with love as sea on the site title written very seriously, through the analysis of the SMS website title is written: 28 SMS network – _ SMS SMS blessing _ mobile phone SMS _ Funny SMS _ SMS platform based on Google keyword search found love Shanghai, key words of these sites are > title

loves Shanghai and Google is the most popular. A lot of sex in Shanghai keywords ranking website, found that Google keywords ranking is very good, but it is very difficult to love Shanghai keywords make up; instead many webmaster to engage in foreign trade, the results you want to see is your keyword can have a good ranking in Google, but now Shanghai ranked keywords hair is very good. From the analysis of Shanghai and Google for keywords ranking, can be found in several features:

love Shanghai for keywords ranking have good rankings, largely depends on a site of the weight and height of the web site keywords weight high ranking general better. Although sometimes we did not find what the contents of many sites, the weight is not what at all, they are through the chain to the accumulation of keywords ranking up to do, but this ranking is quite unstable for keywords, little attention will fall, such as net station chain lost, send the chain site right down etc.. For many popular keywords we found that he did not rank in the love of Shanghai, in the Google ranking is very good, if you go with others to exchange links, said their Google keyword ranking in the first place, and the love of Shanghai if not ranking, others do not want to exchange with you, from Google and love Shanghai keywords ranking analysis can be seen: Google keywords ranking good site weight may be very low, only Google pays more attention to the low weight of new sites, Google may give some new words have a good ranking, because of "care" and the new station; love Shanghai is not to face, if your site overall weight is low, hot keywords impossible than others to row, to sum up the love of Shanghai Google keywords ranking relative to pay more attention to the website weight.

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