How to through the construction of the chain website update snapshot love Shanghai

[in] wolf passenger information chain construction site how to do? Recently, many of my friends are discussing this, some Er also know Shanghai dragon in the chain for the importance of weight transfer, know make sitelinks ranking easier, so, how to do well in the station link to


, of course, to do the chain, but also pay attention to some details, such as "redundant source code sorting, picture Alt attribute optimization, H1, Strong the use of tags and keywords and its deployment density all need to go to plan.

before this article, our planning first is this article is written for the spider, new online, love Shanghai included, of course, individual ability is limited, if there are mistakes in this paper think master, look forward to your correct.

in the chain where better? From the user point of view, the website of the important contents are generally placed in the side bar or the top and bottom of the three site location. According to the search engine grab rules, the weights of keywords within the chain link text should be left on the right on the left > > > > right left; > right, the specific reference wolf guest network media 贵族宝贝langker贵族宝贝. Therefore, for wondering how to do within the chain website keywords appear in the position which is better to read this paragraph.

before doing Sitelinks, we first understand the search engine for the voting mechanism in the chain. The weights in the search engine flow, website internal links pointing to the flow of weight is. If the chain within the chain to the home page or a page, which is equivalent to cast votes for one person, and with more and more tickets to vote, we feel that the more authoritative. The search engine weights in the link flow is so.

is the need to adhere to the Shanghai dragon shares jin. Therefore, in the chain link but also to ensure the stability of. Within the chain as the chain as it is not easy to control, on the contrary, the chain is well controlled by us. In the page, this page is derived within the chain as long as the search engine update time is longer, then the page is derived to link weight is higher, in the chain last point back to the home, then home page weight of our website will be higher.

We all know that

the wolf.

in the chain as a friendship connection also want to pay attention to the quality of the link, the higher correlation, are fewer, the higher the weight. This is equivalent to our childhood the maths problems, a cake, 5 people share more or 10 people get more general principle.

for the long tail of the word brings flow, well within the chain also should not be overlooked, because the chain correlation is relatively high, so in the long tail word, a well done, the other joint is extended out, then flow naturally also is introduced in the following weight transfer process.

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