Shanghai dragon forum was destroyed along with the line into Si share behind the lack of originality

fact, David Ogilvy and · all the advertising industry elite do not know, Claude · Hopki’s "science of advertising" written in 20s the last century, there are many obvious limitations, but this does not hinder its limitations become the classic advertising industry must be reading.

in fact, the forum often appear some N years ago. "The worst is normal, from the point of view, the spread of N essence of settling down, than most purely for" blood "share with curry favour by claptrap much better — at least not to harm.

East Shanghai dragon forum N years ago is very popular


and any industry need to review, and review the essence of classics are not many, the Song Dynasty Prime Minister Zhao Pu "half of" the Analects "rule the world", and David · Ogilvy also said: "if you do not take this book (Claude · Hopki’s" science of advertising ") read 7 times, any people are not to advertise" — especially in the information dissemination over information, various specious everywhere today, painstaking study of classical, and will continue to put the truth into practice is more important.

must be stressed that the "noble baby website quality guide" is still in the perfection of changes, if we want to discover the change of Google search algorithm, then the most accurate way is constantly studying the "aristocratic baby website quality guide" – especially in love now in Shanghai and other search engine algorithm is more and more "just", with the case of Google, this point becomes more and more important.

has a friend posted in the CHINAZ forum, said: "this year, no one to share the experience of Shanghai dragon? Are some N years ago." although this topic has long been a stone a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Mottaki, deeply felt the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER continuous thread reply although everyone is very helpless.


yes, the vast majority of people have read attentively "noble baby website quality guidelines" and love Shanghai "search engine optimization guide", or even more than once, but simple does not mean easy, we only have to carefully study, and continue to use it on our website in Shanghai Longfeng practice in Shanghai, the level of our dragon may continue to increase the depth of.

similarly, many well-known Shanghai Longfeng experts have emphasised the Shanghai dragon must return back to the basic fundamental of "noble baby website quality guide", but it’s difficult for us to go in, but the lack of sit the bench for ten years cold "serious learning attitude.


Shanghai Longfeng and site operators to return to the fundamental

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