Drawing wisdom from the young

first_imgPolitically engaged young people have a historic opportunity to help heal the deep national rifts exposed during the presidential campaign, two prominent speakers told student leaders from campuses across the country at a Harvard forum Saturday.Doris Kearns Goodwin, the veteran presidential historian and commentator, said the current generation has come along “at a time when divisiveness in our country is as great as certainly it’s ever been in my lifetime.”“If this is your rendezvous with destiny to figure out how to better heal some of those wounds and get politics into a place where people can work together again, then it’s great to have that challenge for you,” Goodwin told the assembled students at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics.The panel discussion featuring Goodwin and veteran political analyst David Gergen was among the highlights of the Institute of Politics’ 2017 National Campaign for Political and Civic Engagement conference. Seventy student representatives from 28 campuses took part in the three-day event, which this year focused on how to reconnect the nation’s factions.“There is a real spike now in interest in your generation about what can we do to help … how do we make a difference. I think this is a moment to be asking that question, and this is the opportunity to get engaged,” said Gergen, a professor of public service and co-director of the Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership. Gergen advised four U.S. presidents.Massachusetts Congressman Joseph Kennedy delivers the keynote address to the conference participants. Photo by Martha StewartJoe Goodwin ’01, J.D. ’13, the director of the conference, said the election revealed the deep divides in the nation. “We are saying to the kids: ‘We understand the problem, but instead of hand-wringing, let’s roll up our sleeves and find a way’” to reconnect people, said Goodwin, a son of Doris Kearns Goodwin.He said an aim of the conference, which also included a student town hall, break-out sessions, and a keynote address by U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy, was for students to devise strategies they can pursue on their own campuses with help from the Institute of Politics.Nivedita Khandkar ’19, student chair of the conference organizing committee, said she was impressed at “how respectful the discussion was … It’s kind of a model for how I think society should look.” Khandkar said she hoped her fellow students “will leave with a sense of hope rather than the sense of fear and worry that I know a lot of people have.”Jalen Jennings, a junior from Tennessee State University, said he enjoyed meeting students from across the country and hearing their thoughts. “We all have different views, [but] you come together and you find that in some ways we have the same ideas in some areas,” he said. Jennings, who took part in a breakout group that focused on social media, added, “We are trying to come up with different ideas to make sure news gets published to social media sites that is more credible,” a subject he plans to pursue on his own campus.Shae Omonijo, a junior from the University of Chicago, said a major issue discussed at the conference was that “students really don’t know how to run for a local position,” or even how to become involved in “simple campus engagement like student government.” She hopes to create a document guiding students on her campus on running for office.Natalie Hagy, a junior from Ohio State University, said that as a political moderate in America today, “I feel right now like I’m watching a food fight. I’m just kind of between both sides … I think this conference has kind of energized me a little bit in that aspect” by spurring participants to seek common ground on core issues.Conference Director Joe Goodwin implores participants to take the lessons learned back to their campuses across the country to help heal the divided nation. Photo by Martha StewartAt the forum, Gergen said he understood the direction of President Trump’s early tenure, but that it can lead to other problems.“It’s natural he wants to keep the coalition behind him,” he said. “But increasingly his problem is that he is playing so exclusively to his base that it’s scaring a lot of other Americans, causing enormous distress. And very importantly, it is really, really alienating a lot of our friends and allies around the world at an extraordinarily fast pace.”Gergen and Goodwin cited instances when the nation has faced similar divisions, though episodes that had starkly different outcomes. The fight over extending slavery, for example, led to war. But in other periods, notably the Civil Rights Movement, a fiercely divided nation ultimately came together, Gergen said.Both speakers noted the importance of having unifying leaders as a key to bridging the political divides. They said young people have a vital role to play, including in the current climate.Gergen, who served in the White House when President Richard Nixon was embroiled in the Watergate scandal, observed, “I’m more worried today about the future of this country than I was in Watergate. This is serious stuff, and we really need you to be engaged.”last_img read more

University announces next executive vice president, new administrative roles

first_imgVice president for finance Shannon Cullinan will succeed John Affleck-Graves as executive vice president starting July 1, the University announced in a press release Wednesday. Additionally, Notre Dame announced that administrators Micki Kidder and Mike Seamon will take on newly created roles and chief of staff of the president’s office Ann Firth was promoted to vice president.“[Cullinan] combines expertise in financial management with wide administrative experience and broad engagement with the academy,” University President Fr. John Jenkins said in the release. “Above all, he brings a deep commitment to the mission of Notre Dame. I am excited to have him in this new role.”John J. Brennan, chair of the Board of Trustees, praised Cullinan for his previous work at the University.“There is no one better qualified than Shannon Cullinan to succeed John Affleck-Graves,” Brennan said in the release. “He is already one of the reasons that Notre Dame enjoys a well-deserved reputation nationally for being a superbly managed University.”Cullinan said he was excited to take on the new role and expressed his appreciation for John Affleck-Graves’ service to the University.“I am deeply humbled by this opportunity and grateful to my predecessors who wisely shaped the Executive Vice President’s Division, dating back to the original visionary, Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C.,” Cullinan said in the release. “I also want to thank John Affleck-Graves for his extraordinary legacy of stewardship and selfless dedication to our employees, especially our staff.”The University announced Affleck-Graves’ retirement in a press release Aug. 22, after 15 years in his role as executive vice president. According to the announcement, since 2004, when Affleck-Graves began his tenure, the University’s endowment has grown from $3.5 billion to $11.8 billion and its operating budget has increased from $650 million to $1.5 billion. Additionally, Notre Dame has added 3.3 million square feet in new structures, through the 36 buildings constructed under Affleck-Graves’s tenure, including the Campus Crossroads project.In succeeding Affleck-Graves, Cullinan will be the chief financial officer of the University, supervising its investment and finance offices, which include Notre Dame’s “$13 billion endowment and $1.6 billion operating budget,” the release said. As executive vice president, he will also supervise the offices of facilities, design and operations; information technology; and human resources, according to the release.A 1993 alumnus, Cullinan holds a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and a master of business administration degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, the release said. He has worked at Notre Dame since 2000, serving as assistant vice president for public affairs and communications and later as assistant vice president for development and associate vice president for campus services.Cullinan took on the role of associate vice president for university relations in 2011 and worked alongside the Board of Trustees, administration and the University relations team. He became vice president for finance in 2016, according to the release, and was responsible for the offices of budget, procurement services, treasury services, financial planning, Northeast neighborhood development and the controller’s group.Cullinan has served as associate executive director of the Center for the Homeless and is the recipient of a Notre Dame Presidential Leadership Award.Also in Wednesday’s press release, the University announced additional changes to its administration.Associate vice president and executive director of development Micki Kidder will take on the new role of vice president for University enterprises and events, according to the release. Kidder’s position includes overseeing campus food services operations, heading University events — like commencement and concerts — and overseeing “university enterprises” such as the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore, licensing, McKenna Hall, the Morris Inn and St. Michael’s Laundry.Mike Seamon, who currently serves as vice president for campus safety and event management, will be appointed to the new role of vice president for campus safety and University operations. He will continue to head the Emergency Management Program, Notre Dame Security Police, the Notre Dame Fire Department and risk management and safety. Additionally, the release said, he will now oversee Land O’Lakes, the office of sustainability, building services, warehouse delivery and transportation and “other operations vital to the life of Notre Dame.”Both Kidder and Seamon will take on their new positions starting March 1, the release said.Jenkins has also promoted chief of staff Ann Firth to vice president, according to the release. In addition to advising the president and overseeing the president’s staff, Firth will help implement “key initiatives of the President’s Office” and serve as a liaison between the office and the Board of Trustees. Her new position is effective immediately, the release said.Tags: Ann Firth, Chief of Staff, Executive Vice President, John Affleck-Graves, Micki Kidder, Mike Seamon, Shannon Cullinan, vice president for Campus Safety and University Operations, vice president for University Enterprises and Eventslast_img read more

Too Wet to Plow

first_imgA few days of sunshine can make a gardener forget El Nino. It’s rained all winter, but spring is here. It’s hard to resist working the garden. A University of Georgia scientist, though, has a word of advice: resist. Don’t be in such a hurry, said Wayne McLaurin, an Extension Service horticulturist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. First, be sure it’s not too wet to plow. “If you turn the soil when it’s too wet,” McLaurin said, “you’ll create a lot of hard clods that will take years to get rid of.” That’s especially true with heavier clay soils. “Sandy soils,” he said, “will be a little more forgiving.” Georgia has been inundated with rains this winter. A week into March, McLaurin figured it was “probably too wet to plow anywhere in the state.” So even though the average-last-frost dates are easing by, and spring gardening fever is mounting, don’t start working the garden soil until you’re sure it’s ready. “The soil will compact on you,” McLaurin said. “The implements you use to loosen up the soil will do just the opposite, creating hard-glazed clods that water can’t penetrate.” It’s almost like making rocks. “It will be very hard to break them up later,” he said. You can tell if your garden soil is dry enough to be worked, he said. Just dig down three or four inches with your hand and squeeze a clod of soil the size of a tennis ball. “Then if you tap it with your finger and it breaks up, it’s ready to work,” McLaurin said. “Or you can drop it, and if it shatters, it’s time to begin turning the soil.” If the clod holds together, he said, you’d best peruse those catalogs a little longer before starting this year’s garden.last_img read more

Virus death toll climbs to 15 in Broome County, where you can get masks

first_imgOn Monday, Garnar says masks will be available at select schools where people pick up meals. He says distribution plans are still being finalized. Broome County April 23 coronavirus update There are 143 active cases of the coronavirus in Broome County. 86 people recovered from the virus. Broome County Executive Jason Garnar says the three victims were a woman over the age of 100, a woman in her 60s and a man in his 90s. Garnar says county residents will be able to pick up masks at Otsiningo Park and the old Macy’s building in the Oakdale Mall from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Masks distribution The county executive says county agencies are working on ways to deliver masks to people who cannot leave their homes. (WBNG) — Three more people have died from COVID-19 in Broome County bringing the county total to 15.center_img If you have more questions, call 211. Coronavirus numbers 68,000 masks were donated to the county by the state and federal government. There is a limit of one mask per person and five masks per household. For a map detailing where cases are located in the county, click here. In total, the county has reported 244 positive cases of the virus.last_img read more

South Korea reports more recovered coronavirus patients testing positive again

first_imgOther experts said faulty tests may be playing a role, or remnants of the virus may still be in patients’ systems but not be infectious or of danger to the host or others.The 116 cases is more than double the 51 such cases South Korea reported a week earlier.South Korea plans to send 600,000 coronavirus testing kits to the United States on Tuesday in the first such shipment following a request from U.S. President Donald Trump, a Seoul official told Reuters on Monday.Government leaders, meanwhile, called on South Koreans to continue to follow guidelines and restrictions on social gatherings, but hinted that such measures could soon be eased. South Korea reported on Monday that at least 116 people initially cleared of the new coronavirus had tested positive again, although officials suggested they would soon look at easing strict recommendations aimed at preventing new outbreaks.South Korea reported only 25 new cases overall on Monday, but the rise in “reactivated” patients has raised concerns as the country seeks to stamp out infections.Officials are still investigating the cause of the apparent relapses. But Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), has said the virus may have been reactivated rather than the patients being re-infected. South Korea has called on residents to follow strict social distancing until at least April 19, but as cases have dropped and the weather has improved, a growing number of people have been flouting the guidelines.At a meeting on disaster management on Monday, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said the government would soon be looking to loosen the guidelines, which call for people to stay at home, avoid social gatherings of any type, and only go out for essential reasons.”Later this week, we plan to review our intensive social distancing campaign that we have carried out so far and discuss whether we will switch to routine safety measures” he said.Some local governments have imposed stricter measures, including closing bars and nightclubs, banning large demonstrations, and limiting church services.Chung cautioned that even when the restrictions are eased, the country will not return to life as before the outbreak.”We need a very cautious approach because any premature easing of social distancing could bring irreversible consequences, and have to ponder deeply about when and how we switch to the new system,” he said. center_img Topics :last_img read more

Epidemiologist Pandu Riono’s Twitter account hacked

first_imgThe Twitter account of Pandu Riono, an epidemiologist from the University of Indonesia (UI), was hijacked on Wednesday evening by unidentified hackers who posted several tweets.The handle, @drpriono, posted a picture of Pandu and a woman at 9:59 p.m., with that caption read: “After [spending a] holiday with [my] young mistress.”Five minutes later, the account posted another picture showing Pandu with the same woman accompanied by the caption: “My romantic night with her who will be my mistress.” The tweets were deleted on Thursday morning.Pandu confirmed to tempo.co on Thursday that his Twitter account had been hacked. The motive behind the breach is still unclear.Read also: Jokowi administration spends Rp 90.4 billion on ‘influencers’: ICWPandu is known for being a vocal critic of the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the hacking, he criticized the potential COVID-19 remedies developed by Airlangga University in cooperation with the Indonesian Army and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).The university’s rector Muhammad Nasih touted the supposed remedies as the first COVID-19 cure in the world. He said three combinations of medications – lopinavir/ritonavir and azithromycin, lopinavir/ritonavir and doxycycline and hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin – had already undergone clinical trials.Pandu said the medications had not be registered for clinical trials under the World Health Organizations (WHO), which has cautioned against physicians and medical associations recommending or administering unproven treatments to COVID-19 patients.The UI epidemiologist added that the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) had the right to decline authorization for the use of the medications.“There should be clinical trials [to check] whether all processes have followed correct procedures,” Pandu said on Monday, as quoted by tempo.co.Read also: Government critic faces incitement charges after WhatsApp hackedThe BPOM said on Wednesday that additional trials needed to be conducted as it had found several critical findings that affected the tests’ validity.He also slammed the university for not reporting the research findings to the BPOM, but rather handing over the process to the BIN and the Army.Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) chairwoman Asfinawati condemned the hacking and called on authorities to investigate the matter. “There should be an investigation into the case because it often happens to those who are critical against the government.” (trn)Topics :last_img read more

Private bushland oasis up for grabs in Wolffdene

first_imgThe home at 34 Colwill Cres, Wolffdene.THIS four-bedroom, lowset home with a wraparound veranda is on a terraced 5084 sqm block with natural bushland. John and Daryl Slinger bought 34 Colwill Cres, Wolffdene, in 2002 after falling in love with the property. “It was a nice, clean home with a beautiful bush setting and potential for what we wanted to do,” Mr Slinger said. “We had come from a townhouse and were looking to live on acreage. “We added a garage and put in a pergola next to the garage.” The dining room at 34 Colwill Cres, Wolffdene.There is combined lounge and family room at the front of the home and a colonial timber kitchen and dining room towards the back. The kitchen has plenty of bench and cupboard space, a pantry, breakfast bar and a bush outlook. More from newsCrowd expected as mega estate goes under the hammer7 Aug 2020Hard work, resourcefulness and $17k bring old Ipswich home back to life20 Apr 2020The master bedroom has veranda access, a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite with shower, vanity and toilet. The three other bedrooms have built-in robes and one, which has been used as a study, has a built-in desk and display cabinet. The federation-style bathroom has a shower, corner spa bath and separate toilet. The backyard at 34 Colwill Cres, Wolffdene.The property also has a laundry with built-in cupboards.Outside there are established gardens and a vegetable patch, and concrete driveway.The double shed has roller doors, power and water and the adjacent covered area is a great space for entertaining or for the children to play. Mr Slinger said his favourite space on the property was the northerly side of the home, outside the kitchen. center_img The study at 34 Colwill Cres, Wolffdene.“It’s a lovely setting, especially in winter, where you can sit and listen to the birds,” he said. “The block is fully treed and very private.”The property is being marketed by Laurell Veivers, of Real Property Vibe, for $660,000.last_img read more

Fondo Priamo tenders Italian private debt mandate in alternatives push

first_imgFondo Priamo, Italy’s second-pillar pension fund for public transport sector employees, is tendering an Italian private debt mandate.Priamo, which managed €1.2bn at the end of last year, intends to implement the allocation to private debt through a fund-of-funds structure.The size of the mandate will be €15m, around 1.2% of total assets.Managers have until 3 February to provide the required documentation.  Throughout the manager search, Priamo is being assisted by Link Institutional Advisory, a consultant based in Lugano, Switzerland.If the allocation is successful, the fund will be among the first second-pillar trade union-backed pension funds in Italy to invest in private debt.Osvaldo Marinig, chairman at Priamo, told IPE the fund-of-fund structure was chosen to ensure appropriate diversification.He said implementing the allocation through a fund-of-funds structure would be a challenge, given the lack of similar investment by Italian schemes.The project will require intense dialogue with the pension regulator, COVIP, Marinig added.The fund is planning to add private debt to its evolving alternative assets portfolio, following a review of the strategic asset allocation that took place at the end of 2015.As part of the review, Priamo increased the strategic allocation target for alternatives from 5% to 7%.Marinig said the fund was evaluating other asset classes for the rest of the alternatives portfolio.Marinig explained that private debt was preferred to real estate, for reasons including the timing of the investment.The fund had foreseen an allocation to real estate around two years ago but never implemented the strategy.But Maring said the time to invest in real estate was now less than ideal.Other incentives for the investment were the potential risk-adjusted returns and cashflow profile of investments.During 2015, the fund moved from a benchmark approach to an absolute return one.Among the reasons for this change were fluctuating membership figures.Marinig noted the fund was maturing more quickly than others, with the members’ age profile getting older.However, 2016 will see a review of collective public transport sector agreements, and a wave of redundancies is expected.At the same time, Marinig expects the fund will receive a significant influx of members, as the sector’s trade unions agree to a form of automatic enrolment as part of the new contractual agreements.The model – whereby employees are automatically enrolled in the fund with a minimum employer contribution but no obligation to contribute themselves – has already been adopted by Prevedi, Italy’s construction sector scheme.As a result of the likely introduction of automatic enrolment at Priamo, Marinig foresees that membership could double, although assets will grow much more slowly.For more on Fondo Pensione Priamo’s investment strategy, see IPE’s recent interview with chairman Osvaldo Mariniglast_img read more

Part of Unpaid Tug Crew to Return Home from Durban

first_imgEight out of eleven seafarers, who were left in limbo in the port of Durban, South Africa after their ship was detained, are about to be repatriated.The 11 crewmembers from the tug/supply ship PSD2, detained following non-payment of wages, had not been paid for up to 15 months, according to the Catholic charity Apostleship of the Sea (AoS).The charity found out that the crew “were owed nine months’ wages; one hadn’t been paid for 15 months. Apparently the company kept delaying payment, promising to pay ‘next week’ but never doing so,”  Fr Herman Giraldo, AoS Durban port chaplain, said.“Arrangements are being made for the vessel to be sold and the men are expected to get paid when this happens. The remaining crew (the master and two engineers) on board are not allowed to leave the port,” Giraldo added.The seafarers aboard the Tanzanian-flagged vessel were also in need of food and fresh water, while two crew needed medical attention. The ship, which arrived in Durban on December 10 from Mozambique, also had pest problems.AoS was able to secure an emergency grant of GBP 1,000 from the Guild of Benevolence of the IMarEST (The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology) for medical bills, food and sanitation.last_img read more

‘STAY RESOLUTE VS LAWLESSNESS’: PNP Chief Gamboa wants intensified, focused offensive against Reds

first_img“Talagaang police ay nag aalay ng kanilangbuhay para ma-attain natin angmission natin na mapaya na bansa,”said Gamboa. Prior to his Reconnaissance Companyassignment, Espanto served as police chief of San Remigio, Antique. ILOILO City – The Philippine NationalPolice (PNP) is raring to launch intensified and focused operationsagainst the New People’s Army (NPA). The country’s top cop personally bestowedposthumous medal to slain cop. He also gave financial support to Espanto’sfamily through his wife Patrolman Ivy Rose who is assigned in Negros OccidentalPolice Office. Gamboa directed PRO-6 director, PoliceBrigadier General Rene Pamuspusan, to promote Espanto’s wife from Patrolman toPolice Corporal because when she applied for a promotion she was pregnant fortheir first child. The encounter happened at around 5:45p.m. on Some 20 policemen were attacked while on their way back to the townproper on foot after three days of anti-insurgency offensive operations. On Wednesday, NPA rebels and troops ofthe PRO-6 Regional Mobile Force Battalion 6 – Reconnaissance Company clashed inthe remote barangay of Aglobong. He said that Espanto was the 58thcasualty who fought against terrorist and illegal drugs since last year. Gamboa encouraged all police personnel stayresolute in the battle against lawlessness and terrorism and make Espanto’sdeath as inspiration as he offered his life for to the country to attain peace.  Delima said there had been frequentsightings of rebels in Barangay Aglobong which is geographically near BarangayAtimonan, Janiuay, an identified NPA-influenced area./PNcenter_img Gamboa was in this city yesterday tovisit Espanto’s wake in the chapel of the Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6). The encounter lasted for some 30minutes, according to Police Captain Dadjie Delima, Janiuay police chief. Hewas unsure of the number of rebels. Espanto, a graduate of the PhilippineNational Police Academy, Batch 2015, died in the encounter site but his bodywas still taken to the Federico Roman Tirador Sr. Memorial District Hospital inJaniuay. He sustained a fatal gunshot wound on the right eye. Delima said the NPA rebels belonged tothe Jose Percival Estocada Command. He did not discount the possibility thatEspanto’s troops may have wounded or even killed some rebels, too, citingtrails of blood along the withdrawal path of the insurgents. No less than, PNP chief himself, PoliceGeneral Archie Gamboa, gave the order following an encounter between governmentforces and communist rebels in Barangay Aglobong, Janiuay, Iloilo, tragicallyending the life of Police Captain Efren Espanto Jr. Espanto was the lone police casualty. The PRO-6 deployed more troops toJaniuay following the encounter to run after the rebels. The Reconnaissance Company team leader,29-year-old Espanto of La Carlota City, Negros Occidental, died.last_img read more