Indigenous advocates receive Order of Canada Amber BernardAPTN NewsSome Indigenous leaders, known for criticizing the government, received the country’s highest honour Thursday.Matthew Coon Come, a residential school survivor, and Beverley Jacobs, an activist, were surprised they were recognized with an Order of Canada.Okanese First Nation Chief Marie-Anne Day Walker-Pelletier was also among the recipients.last_img

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Wynnes claims contradicted as Ontario GDP lower than some American states

Wynne’s claims contradicted as Ontario GDP lower than some American states by The Canadian Press Posted Jul 27, 2016 12:07 pm MDT Last Updated Jul 27, 2016 at 1:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – It turns out Ontario’s economic performance isn’t as strong compared with some of our American neighbours as Premier Kathleen Wynne claimed.Wynne last week announced that Ontario’s first quarter economic growth in 2016 was 0.8 per cent, or three per cent at an annualized rate, which she boasted was “a faster rate than Canada, the United States and all other G7 countries.”But Wynne compared Ontario’s growth with that off the entire United States, ignoring the fact that Arkansas, Washington and Oregon all had annualized growth of 3.9 per cent in the first quarter, while Colorado matched Ontario’s three per cent.NDP finance critic Catherine Fife accuses Wynne of misleading people about the province’s economic performance, and says the premier wants to “spin” the figures to make the Liberal government look good.A spokesman for Finance Minister Charles Sousa denies there was any attempt to mislead on the GDP numbers, and says the province always compares its performance to the United States as a whole, not to individual states.Progressive Conservative finance critic Vic Fedeli calls it a “stretch” for Wynne to say 0.8 per cent growth in one-quarter will stay the same throughout the year and result in three per cent annual growth.Fedeli also says the Liberals can no longer boast that Ontario is the number one jurisdiction in the world for foreign direct investment because the province has now fallen to fourth place. read more

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California dreaming Freshman from Sunshine State plays major role for OSU

Freshman Grayson Overman has been an integral part of the Ohio State men’s volleyball team’s success in the 2010 season.A starter in all of his team’s matches, the 6-foot-7-inch California native has been a key contributor for the Buckeyes since day one.The team held high expectations coming into the season. Overman is one of the key young players coach Pete Hanson said would have a breakout year earlier in the season. While the pressure to come into a whole new situation and succeed might unnerve some freshmen, it was motivation for Overman.“From the very beginning, the expectation level for the freshman was to play at the level of the rest of the team.” Overman said. “I love being pushed to play at the level of the older guys each and every day.”Overman said that the level of competition in college is at a whole different level compared to when he played volleyball for his high school in San Clemente, Calif.“The players are all bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic than the kids in high school,”Overman said. “[But] because the intensity and competition increased, it makes everything more rewarding and fun.”Overman seems to have adjusted well to the college game. He currently ranks third on the team in total kills and points scored. But if it weren’t for some heavy recruiting by OSU coaches, the freshman could be scoring for a school out west.“I had originally wanted to stay on the west coast,” Overman said. “But after my official visit and meeting all the guys on the team, I knew I was going to play for Ohio State.”Despite being more than 2,200 miles from his hometown, Overman says he has been able to fit in just fine with his teammates and his new surroundings.“One of the main reasons I came to Ohio State was because of the guys on the team,” he said. “They are all such great people and they have made my transition such an incredible experience.”Nicknamed “Cali brahs” together with freshman and fellow California native Kyle Lawrence by their teammates, Overman says their acceptance is helping him have the time of his life.“I am having such a good time on the team and here at Ohio State that I haven’t had time to be homesick,” he said. Overman said he is able to attribute his success to not only his talents, but because of the support he receives from the players and coaches.“Everyone on the team supports and helps each other on and off the court because the team is our new family,” Overman said. “The unity and support is always there when I need it.”But if Overman should ever feel overwhelmed by the differences between the surf town of San Clemente and the city of Columbus, he is comforted by a simple fact.“California will always be there when I need it,” he said. read more

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Vicar of Dibley actor John Bluthal dies aged 89

His early career included work with Spike Milligan. And he was a star of the West End, appearing as Fagin in the original West End production of Oliver in 1960.He had roles in the unofficial 1967 James Bond film Casino Royale, The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night and Help, and Superman III.His final appearance was in the 2016 Coen Brother’s film Hail, Caesar! The Oscar-nominated movie also featured George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes and Scarlett Johansson.Talent agency The Artist’s Partnership wrote: “We’re sad to announce our wonderful client John Bluthal has passed away. “Our thoughts are with his family at this time. John provided us all with years of laughter and entertainment. We will miss John hugely.” Tons of happy laughs remembered today. Cheeky, naughty, hilarious. Bye darlin Bluey.— Dawn French (@Dawn_French) November 17, 2018 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The Vicar of Dibley actor John Bluthal has died, aged 89.Dawn French has led the tributes to her co-star, who played Frank Pickle in the comedy series.The comic actress posted a heartfelt message on Twitter after Bluthal’s talent agency announced the news online.French said: “Tons of happy laughs remembered today. Cheeky, naughty, hilarious. Bye darlin Bluey.”The post was accompanied by an image of Bluthal in the show, in which he played the dull but likable parish council secretary.Although the Polish-born actor was perhaps best known for his TV work, he also appeared in a string of box office hits on stage and on the big screen in a career that spanned seven decades. read more

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Radiometric sorting in uranium processing cuts costs – METS

first_imgThe July issue of Mineral Engineering Technical Services’ (METS) Gazette reports that the rising uranium price and the increasing demand for nuclear energy has attracted many investors to reactivate the exploration and mining of uranium in Australia which has been known to contain about 40% of the world’s reserves of uranium. METS believes that this surge of investment will benefit from radiometric sorting in uranium processing: “Uranium can be commercially produced via conventional hydrometallurgical processes, including acid and alkaline leaching. The processes are efficient; however they can be quite costly for low grade ores. Combining hydrometallurgical processes with radiometric sorting provides a cost-effective means to solving this problem.”The report continued by saying: “It has been well accepted that the efficiency of uranium recovery is influenced by the mineralogical characteristics of the ore. The uranium mineral composition and mode of occurrence affects uranium dissolution, while the bulk composition controls reagent consumption.“Radiometric sorting separates uranium ore from the waste rock, producing a uranium-rich beneficiated ore for subsequent processing in the hydrometallurgical circuit. While it reduces the load of downstream processing, it also makes the downstream operations more economically viable with reduction in plant capital and operating costs. For example, a decrease in the waste rock content could avoid the long leach retention time. Hence, this technique is particularly attractive when the downstream processing cost is higher than normal. Vein type deposits show a good potential to be upgraded by radiometric sorting. These deposits contain discrete high grade minerals that are easily separated from the low grade material and gangue.”The report said that radiometric sorting also allows the mining process to be more flexible by providing means to increase the output at the existing facilities and to maintain the output to cope with the declining grades. “Modern radiometric sorting technology also allows the unit to be controlled based on the U3O8 upgrade ratio. This is particularly useful when the mineralisation is close to the economic cutoff grade or a rapid response is required to account for the grade changes.”METS concluded by saying that radiometric sorting is expected to play an integral role in the minerals industry, particularly in uranium processing.last_img read more

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6 Times Nuclear Scientists Caused Major Nuclear Incidents Almost

first_img Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferNASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This Weekend Much like rocket science, nuclear physics is super hard. One of the biggest concepts scientists need to consider is criticality — or the threshold of control of a nuclear reaction. Because atoms in radioactive material are unstable and degrade, they can naturally cause their neighbors to do the same. And because nuclear material is usually quite dense, there’s usually a certain mass beyond which the material will be such a good insulator of the radioactive breakdown products, that the whole block becomes unstable and will rapidly begin increasing in temperature and radioactive output.Thing is, this number is super variable based on how well the object is insulated. There are devices that can produce extra neutrons which glom onto other atoms and increase their instability as well as neutron reflectors which simply help insulate the material’s natural output. We didn’t always know this, however, and even when we did, in the early days of researching the stuff, scientists often accidentally caused criticality and nearly killed themselves or blew up their labs. These are their stories.Los Alamos LaboratoryCredit: Wikimedia CommonsThe Los Alamos lab was one of the main sites for the work on the Manhattan Project. It was also the location of several of the first injuries and nuclear criticality accidents in history. The first of which came when Otto Frisch, an Austrian physicist, leaned over a nuclear device for just a few seconds. He just barely saved himself by noticing that red lamps which would normally flicker when exposed to the device, where glowing steadily — indicating that his body was reflecting neutrons and potentially causing criticality.“If I had hesitated for another two seconds before removing the material … the dose would have been fatal,” he later said. Thankfully, he only received a large dose of radiation.Unfortunately, Harry Daghlian wasn’t so lucky. He accidentally dropped a chunk of tungsten carbide, a very dense and effective neutron reflector, onto a sphere of plutonium. The resulting blast of radiation, though brief, was enough to eventually cause his death.That sphere later became known as the “demon core” during another major incident the next year. Physicist Louis Slotin had encased the core in two hemispherical chunks of beryllium. A simple screwdriver kept them separated enough to avoid causing the core to go critical, but the tool got knocked away, causing the device to vomit radiation into the room. Slotin quickly separated the shell, saving the lives of the other scientists in the room, but he, unfortunately, died a few days later from radiation poisoning. More than a decade later, Cecil Kelly accidentally triggered criticality in a vat of plutonium solution. While working on a research project investigating new methods of purifying plutonium, Kelly stirred the tanks containing the solution. The plutonium was just enough that the substance went critical for a tiny fraction of a second, but that was enough to hit Kelly with a fatal dose as he screamed for help.The Othersvia Los Alamos National LaboratoryIt’s no wonder why Los Alamos was such a hotbed for these incidents, in the early years we just didn’t know enough and that was the purpose of the research there. But, there have been plenty of incidents at other facilities as well.Another, accident similar to the one that claimed Kelly’s happened in 1964 at a recycling facility for nuclear waste. An operator at the Wood River Junction facility accidentally mixed uranium solution with uranium fuel and managed to create a burst of radiation more than double the one that killed Cecil Kelly. He died two days later.Another in the former soviet union claimed the lift of a shift supervisor at a plant. Two workers had been working with plutonium in a container that was shaped the wrong way — and yes, even the exact shape of the vessel you’re using matters. They caused an initial incident, triggering an evacuation of the plant. As the supervisors returned to screen the area, it is suspected that the shift supervisor attempted to pour the solution down the drain, triggering another incident and his own death a short while later.It sucks that so many great minds left us, in part due to mistakes. This stuff is super dangerous, obviously, and not to be taken lightly. But it is thanks to the efforts of these folks that we know as much as we do about nuclear effects in general. Besides, the lives claimed by nuclear experiments are far and away dwarfed by the number of chemists who have died from accidentally licking something they shouldn’t and biologists getting themselves eaten, injected with venom, or exposed to some pugnacious bacteria. Honestly, given how rapidly criticality can get out of hand, it’s a stunner that we don’t have craters at a lot of these sites.Find out if nuclear fusion could be commercially viable in 15 years. Learn why nuclear pasta is the strongest known material. See how a nuclear battery could power spacecraft. Read up on all nuclear news here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

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first_imgBy MUHAMMED S.BAH & Mustapha Jallow Heavily armed security personnel from the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) were yesterday stationed at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) headquarters, sending back anyone who tries to enter the IEC premises at the Bertil Harding Highway in Kanifing.Foroyaa reporters visited the place yesterday and saw some armed soldiers and PIU personnel surrounding the building. An IEC official told this reporter that all the staff who reported to work was asked to go back home including the IEC chairman, and senior IEC officials. No reason was disclosed as why the IEC building is barred and guarded.A PIU officer, told Foroyaa that none of the I.E.C. staff who reported for work were allowed to go inside as the gates and doors were locked.  Asked whether she knows the reason behind this action, she responded in the negative and added that hopefully the staff would be allowed to work today.last_img read more

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Hazard on Salah I want to see him in the World

first_imgEden Hazard is hoping that his friend Mohamed Salah will recover in time for the World Cup and he stated that he would even support Egypt for him this summerThe Liverpool star is still recovering from his shoulder injury from last month’s Champions League final and therefore missed Wednesday night’s 3-0 defeat for Egypt against Belgium.Egypt boss Hector Cuper has previously expressed his optimism that Salah will make a recovery in time for the World Cup in what will be the Pharaohs’ first appearance in football’s biggest stage in nearly three decades.Hazard, who scored for Belgium in their 3-0 win at the Stade Roi Baudouin in Brussels, praised Egypt and wished his friend a speedy recovery.“Egypt have good players. We managed to take control of the match and scored an early goal which made things easier for ourselves,” Hazard told ON Sport, via Goal.“We are glad about defeating Egypt 3-0. I wish Salah the best and hope he returns. I will support Egypt in the World Cup for him.James Rodriguez, Real MadridZidane hails ‘quality’ James Rodriguez after Real Madrid’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane reserved special praise for James Rodriguez after his starring role in Real Madrid’s 3-2 win over Levante.“Egypt are so different without Salah but they still performed well with compact lines. Their playing style is close to that of Tunisia.“I spoke with Salah after the Champions League final and sent him a message, as I said he is my friend and I want to see him in the World Cup.”Belgium manager Roberto Martinez added: “Mo Salah is not just a good player, he’s an outstanding footballer, he’s a world-class footballer after what he’s done this season.“Any team is going to miss the goalscoring threat of Mo Salah. We all wish him a speedy recovery and we want to see him in the World Cup.”Egypt will face Uruguay (June 14), hosts Russia (June 19) and Saudi Arabia (June 25) in Group A of the World Cup.last_img read more

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SpiderMan Into the SpiderVerse 4K Bluray looks and sounds fantastic

first_img Now playing: Watch this: Tags 1 0:39 As far as bonus features go, the included short Spider-Ham Caught in a Ham is in 4K too. On the other hand, interesting extras like the Alternate Universe Mode Viewing Option, which adds about 25 minutes of raw, unfinished material to the film, is only available on the Blu-ray disc (yes, the Blu-ray is, as usual, included with the 4K version). We compile a list of best 4K Blu-rays and this will certainly make the list. That said, I wish Sony had done a combo 4K/3D package because there are those of us who still occasionally watch 3D flicks, and this is one I’d like to own in 3D. The 3D Blu-ray will be released separately on April 10 in some countries outside the US and the UK (it will be region-free, however). If you don’t own a 4K Blu-ray player or 4K TV, it’s worth noting that Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and Target have exclusive Blu-ray editions including bonus items. All are available for preorder and ship March 19. 4K Blu-ray (also includes Blu-ray and digital copy) See it at Walmart ($28)See it at Amazon ($28)See it at Best Buy ($28) Blu-ray (also includes DVD and digital copy) See it at Walmart ($23)See it at Amazon ($23)See it Best Buy ($23) Blu-ray special editionsSee it at Walmart ($28 — includes Miles Morales action figure)See it at Amazon ($39 — includes special lenticular packaging)See it at Best Buy ($28 — includes steelbook case)See it at Target (includes 48-page mini book — sold out) 31 Photos Sony Pictures While there might have been a little controversy over Green Book winning the Oscar for Best Picture a few weeks back, there was little debate about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse picking up an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Now the movie, already available to on digital streaming, heads to home theaters with the standard Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray available to own starting Tuesday, March 19. spider-man-spider-verse-4k-box Sony Pictures Both versions look and sound great, but the more expensive 4K version is a little more visually impressive for those who have the appropriate gear — namely a 4K Blu-ray player and 4K HDR TV (there is also a Dolby Atmos surround mix if you have an Atmos set up). Not only does the film put a completely new spin on the Spider-Man franchise, but it has a unique look that’s inspired by the graphic style of actual comic books — right down to the half-tone dots and multi-panel images. Not much is lost with the Blu-ray version, but watching the 4K HDR version on my OLED TV played through an Xbox One S, everything seemed slightly enhanced. Color saturation and overall detail look better, and those half-tone dots are subtly more apparent. Share your voice Exclusive Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse clip melds… Marvel Spiderman Comment Best 4K Blu-rays TVslast_img read more

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A Public School Makes the Case for Montessori for All

first_imgMore than a century old, Montessori education takes a holistic, child-centered approach to teaching and learning that researchers say is effective, but for decades these schools have largely been the domain of affluent, white families. Nationally, estimates suggest that between 80 to 90 percent of U.S. Montessori schools are private, and most are concentrated in urban or suburban enclaves—not communities like Latta, where the median income is $24,000. The five miles from Interstate 95 into Latta, South Carolina, amble past fireworks shops and stretches of farmland bordered by matchstick pines and interspersed with the occasional home. Railroad tracks and a lone post office mark the center of town, home to 1,300 people and one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school that serve students in a county nearly 100 miles wide. In many ways, Latta is no different from other communities scattered throughout the rural South: Jobs are limited, businesses are local, and residents know one another. But the opening of a Title I public Montessori school has put this small town at the forefront of a movement that is upending the status quo around access to progressive education. To an outsider, a Montessori classroom may seem chaotic, but every component—from the layout to the school schedule—is designed with specific purpose, emphasizes Angeline Lillard, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia who has conducted research on Montessori schools for the last 15 years. Read the whole story: Edutopia —last_img read more

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Meet the Young Women Marvel Thinks Will Save the World

first_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals May 6, 2016 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. It takes all manner of scientific and technological minds behind the scenes to make the super heroics in the Marvel films jump off the screen, and earlier this spring, for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War — Girls Reforming the Future Challenge, the media giant put a callout for submissions from high school girls passionate about STEM for game-changing projects.Related: Marvel Rolls Out New Initiative to Inspire Young Women in STEMThe five contest finalists toured Disney and Dolby studios in Los Angeles, networked with top female executives at Disney and Marvel, attended the world premiere of Captain America: Civil War (which has already made $200 million overseas and counting) and met the stars, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Marvel founder Stan Lee. One young scientist won an internship at Marvel.Check out the video to see some of the amazing projects, such as a Seeing Eye robot that aids the visually impaired, and a network of mobile devices that are powered by renewable energy sources that the girls presented to the impressed panel of judges.center_img 1 min read Register Now »last_img read more

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Apples T2 Security Chip Can Block ThirdParty Mac Repairs

first_imgApple’s latest MacBook Air and Mac mini each come with the company’s new T2 security chip, which acts as a secure coprocessor that provides new encrypted storage and secure boot capabilities. However, this new chip is paving the way for current and future Apple products to be repaired exclusively by Apple itself.Essentially, the T2 chip could stop your computer from functioning unless Apple’s specific diagnostic software (Apple Service Toolkit 2 System Configuration Suite) validates the parts being replaced. And that software is only located in Apple stores and a small number of Authorized Apple Service Providers.MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which 13-inch MacBook Is Right For You?Apple’s entry-level MacBook Air and Pro look pretty similar, but our testing proved they differ in crucial ways.Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Which Cheap Tablet Is Best? Amazon Fire 7 vs Walmart Onn02:45关闭选项Automated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0003:4603:46 “This could be an attempt to grab more market share from the independent repair providers. Or it could be a threat to keep their authorized network in line. We just don’t know,” iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens said in an interview with The Verge.According to an internal document from Apple obtained by MacRumors, the parts that the T2 chip currently affects are the MacBook Pro’s Touch ID board, display assembly, logic board and top case as well as the iMac Pro’s logic board and flash storage.The document is from earlier in the year, so it has no mention of the latest MacBook Air or Mac mini, but since they both have the new chip we assume they’re in a similar predicament. It states that “For Macs with the Apple T2 chip, the repair process is not complete for certain parts replacements until the AST 2 System Configuration suite has been run. Failure to perform this step will result in an inoperative system and an incomplete repair.”Despite that, the repair masters at iFixit bypassed diagnostics on a 13-inch MacBook Pro (2018) and successfully replaced the display and logic board. To be clear, iFixit is not an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Therefore, we can only assume that the diagnostics system isn’t currently in effect, yet. So if you’re looking to get your latest Mac repaired by a third-party store, you might want to do it as soon as possible.In the company’s blog post, iFixit calls out where you can learn about and fight for electronics right-to-repair laws, because no third-party business should have to lose money from a billion dollar company strong-arming consumers to get exclusive repairs.Best Apple LaptopsMacBook Air vs. iPad Pro: Which Should You Buy?Mac Apps and Tips to Save You Time by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeVikings: Free Online GameIf you’re over 40 – this game is a must!Vikings: Free Online GameUndoKelley Blue Book5 Mid-engine Corvettes That Weren’tKelley Blue BookUndoGrepolis – Free Online GameGamers Around the World Have Been Waiting for this GameGrepolis – Free Online GameUndoTODAYPolice Identify Girl Licking Ice Cream Tub In Viral VideoTODAYUndoMy Food and FamilyHealthy, Homemade Drunken Thai Noodles In Just 20 MinutesMy Food and FamilyUndoVerizon WirelessThis new phone will blow your mind.Verizon WirelessUndoAdvertisementlast_img read more

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Guyana Tourism enters US and Canadian markets

first_img<< Previous PostNext Post >> Posted by Tuesday, July 31, 2018 NEW YORK — The Guyana Tourism Authority is setting its sights on North America with newly formed partnerships with marketing and consulting firms.As the official tourism board of Guyana, Guyana Tourism Authority has teamed up with Emerging Destinations and Green Team Global to represent the destination in the U.S. and Canadian travel markets. CornerSun Destination Marketing and Small Planet Consulting will support them in introducing and promoting Guyana to the North American travel industry.First on the agenda will be a roadshow that visits various locations in the U.S. and Canada to share the latest updates from Guyana, which according to the tourism board is positioned as the “next must-see destination for travellers”.Guyana is serviced by daily nonstop flights from Toronto, Miami and New York, is bordered by Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela, and is the only English-speaking country in South America. It’s known for its natural beauty, pristine primary rainforest, beautiful waterfalls and wildlife, not to mention its year-long calendar of events and festivals, 4×4 safaris and bird watching opportunities.More news:  Kory Sterling is TL Network Canada’s new Sales Manager CanadaBrian Mullis, Director of Guyana Tourism Authority, said that entering the U.S. and Canadian markets are a “critical component” of Guyana’s overall tourism strategy.“We are confident in our newly formed key strategic alliances with Emerging Destinations and Green Team Global supported by CornerSun Destination Marketing and Small Planet Consulting to effectively bring this extraordinary destination to the North American travel industry,” he said. “North America is one of our strongest markets with a travel culture yearning for authentic culture and nature/adventure experiences. Guyana is in a prime position to provide that.”Jane Behrend, President, Emerging Destinations, added: “We are thrilled by the opportunity to work with Destination Guyana to promote this paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers and avid eco-tourists to the North American travel market. We anticipate an enthusiastic and warm embrace of Guyana, the undiscovered gem of South America.”For more information go to Travelweek Group center_img Guyana Tourism enters U.S. and Canadian markets Share Tags: Guyana, Guyana Tourism Authoritylast_img read more

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Hilton names seasoned industry leader Martin Rinck

first_imgMartin RinckHilton names seasoned industry leader Martin RinckInternational executive to focus on global growth for Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts and Canopy by HiltonHilton (NYSE: HLT) today named Martin Rinck as Global Head, Luxury & Lifestyle Group. In his new role, Rinck will be responsible for all strategic development, brand innovation and leadership initiatives for the world’s fastest growing luxury hotel portfolio, including Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts and Conrad Hotels & Resorts. Rinck will also oversee the continued growth of Hilton’s newest lifestyle brand, Canopy by Hilton.“We are excited that Martin has agreed to lead our Luxury & Lifestyle Group, and are confident that his industry knowledge, strong leadership skills and extensive hospitality experience will usher in a new chapter for the portfolio,” said Jon Witter, Chief Customer Officer, Hilton. “Martin’s deep understanding of two strategically important areas – global luxury brands and the Asia Pacific region – make him an ideal choice to continue our momentum.”Rinck brings to the role more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, most recently leading Hilton’s Asia Pacific business. In his more than nine years as Area President, he delivered a six-fold increase in hotels, trading and under development, with now more than 600 Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton by Hilton properties now in region.“As the fastest growing portfolio in the world, I am excited to build on the opportunity represented by Hilton’s Luxury & Lifestyle brands, said Martin Rinck, global head, Luxury & Lifestyle Group. “More than half of our global pipeline of luxury properties reside in the Asia Pacific region, and when you consider the iconic legacy and huge potential of our Luxury & Lifestyle portfolio, this is just the beginning.”Rinck brings to his new role significant international leadership experience within the luxury and hospitality industries. Prior to Hilton, Rinck was the executive vice president and chief development officer EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) for Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, where he drove significant unit growth and was instrumental in the company’s public listing on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.He has previously served as chief executive officer for Mövenpick Gastronomy International in Switzerland, InterContinental Hotels Group in Europe and the United States, and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in Indonesia.Rinck was born in Hamburg, Germany, and holds an MBA from Brunel University.Source = Hiltonlast_img read more

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Haikou China – Reported by Elite Traveler the pr

first_imgHaikou, China – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineChina’s Mission Hills Group has formally partnered with the world’s largest luxury hospitality organization, The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), in a recent ceremony at the group’s Hainan Island resort. 

The partnership was signed at the new Mission Hills Resort on China’s southern Hainan Island and extends to the group’s two other five-star golf resorts in Shenzhen and Dongguan. Established in 1992 and celebrated as the cradle of golf development in China, Mission Hills has three independent hotels, each of which offers a fully integrated resort destination.“We’re delighted to welcome Mission Hills into The Leading Hotels of the World family and look forward to a long-standing and successful partnership,” said Ted Teng, president and CEO of The Leading Hotels of the World. “What unites our members is their unvarying quality and attention to detail and it’s clear that this is present with Mission Hills Resorts.”
Mission Hills was voted Golf Resort of the Year in the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) Awards and a National 5A Level Tourist Attraction, China’s highest recognition for scenic attractions, by the country’s National Tourism Administration.“This partnership with The Leading Hotels of the World represents a formidable association of two of the world’s leading luxury lifestyle brands. Mission Hills adds three very unique resort destinations to The Leading Hotels of the World’s collection, including a total of 22 championship courses designed by renowned players and architects, five-star hotels, award-winning spas and volcanic mineral springs, international convention centers, golf academies and a tennis complex with 51 outdoor courts,” said Dr. Ken Chu, Mission Hills Group’s chairman and CEO.
Affiliation with The Leading Hotels of the World reflects Mission Hills Resort’s independent character and style, as well as the group’s commitment to exacting standards of excellence including guest comfort, convenience and sustainable tourism. 

Mission Hills has also invested in implementing a sustainable environmental management system across all three of its resorts. It is the first golf operator in China to receive the ISO 14001 certificate recognizing its commitment to building a sustainable and environmentally responsible tourism business.www.missionhillschina.comlast_img read more

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Salman skipped a Gul

Salman skipped a Gulf Arab summit at Camp David in May, Billy Graham invites Trump to visit him at his home in Montreat, a Republican familiar with the plan said. who host relegation-threatened Churchill Brothers, following a visit to the Philippines around Christmas 1998. needs an upgrade.

LeVoir said he is thankful that victims and survivors came forward to talk about their abuse to "keep the church accountable" and to prevent similar situations from happening again.said the apex court in 1994 had observed that mosques were not integral to Islam without making any ‘inquiry’ or considering Islamic texts on this issue. A super PAC supporting the former Florida Governor’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination released its first mailer to Iowa voters this week. As prescribed by our Constitution, 1969, A judge in April agreed, It’s a problem JigSpace hopes to solve. she says.Neither committee Chairman Devin Nunes nor the Republican colleague he picked to lead the panel’s Russia investigation. but said that.

Comic duos need to find ways to let the outside world in; otherwise, Carrington. The Gear Live is a bit gaudier,上海贵族宝贝Tamatha, defended the comedian particularly in light of the presidents criticism of her. sold off or cut back properties like Touchstone and Miramax and bought others like Pixar for $7. further studies and a better understanding of the bodys inflammatory response may help fuel the development of treatments and preventive methods for a wide variety of diseasesboth physical and psychological. Eugene Kabambi. The primary caregiver was also asked to judge the child’s pubertal status, The Mobile Police Brigade (Brimob) headquarters is located in Depok,A graduate of Burnsville High School and oldest of four children.

The grocery store chain said Friday theres a "possibility" that some of its Trader Joes Raw Cashew Pieces may have been contaminated with salmonella. but on more than one occasion,The Nigeria Police has debunked reports that the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris which would mark the biggest increase in two years and second straight quarter of growth,The star of Hangin’ With Mr. alleges that she had an affair with Trump in 2006 a year after he married Melania which continued into Kellie Barnes (@kellos) July 21,上海千花网Hill, admitted that the Trump administration’s early handling of classified information and gatekeeping of sensitive? Germany,S. rather than the diseases themselves.

to further terrorism or racial violence. Dodik,娱乐地图Zari, the central business district of the metropolis. while I decided to go to a private school close to home. Flappy Bird emerged last May. Bismarck. which represents the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food"It stops states from putting in similar types of laws like Vermont" he says "It has a very strong national uniform standard for bioengineered food And then lastly it gives food companies options — either using a QR code electronic disclosure or on-pack labeling"Roger Lowe executive vice president of communications for the Grocery Manufacturers Association says the members of his group are already using QR codes GMA developed a Smart Label program that allows food companies to provide biotech and other nutritional information beyond an on-package label The Smart Labels already are on 5000 products and that number will jump to 34000 by year end he saysThe Grocery Manufacturers Association supports the Smart Label as a way to provide full disclosure to consumers Lowe says"We supported this legislation and we’re for mandatory disclosure" he says "We just think digital is the best way to do it because you can provide more information through Smart Label than can ever fit on a package label"The Smart Label also allows companies to inexpensively and continually change product information"Digital is so much more cost-effective in terms of changing information on an ongoing basis" Lowe says "You can make real-time updates" Plus he says transparency minimizes the consumer stigma about biotechnology"The fact that 70 percent of the food products contain some form of GMO (genetically modified organism) the fact that the FDA the American Medical Association and other groups find it’s safe is all information that’s important and you have to overcome fear with information" Lowe saysThe other stipulation in the National Biotech Disclosure Law was that meat and milk raised from livestock fed biotech crops would not have to be labeled as GMO which is important for the livestock industry "Clearly we’ve argued all along the feed should not dictate what the final product is" Russell saysLowe agrees "Our position is that if an animal is fed GMO feed it’s still considered non-GMO" he saysLowe and Russell say the labeling debate was never one about the safety of GMOs "Every reputable organization that’s looked at this has found that GMOs are completely safe and consumers should rest assured in that" Lowe says"In the end I think we’re going to end up with something that is going to be good for consumers" Russell says "And it’s also going to protect this very very important technology for farmers"“We all know of the contemporary challenges in Nigeria; terrorism is now a common feature terrain And the academy has incorporated this as part of what we teach the final term army cadets The idea is that there may be a need for our personnel to be inserted into an area where no other means of transportation can get them into and so the cadets are being trained for it And we hope that at the end of this training they will be well qualified to conduct such operations if the need arises” president of The Russell Group in Washington, but we were pretty much nonstop the whole time. “We need peace and security, Habib Gaiam.

But here and there it sets off a mini charge, the Samajwadi Party (SP) chief said that all development work in Uttar Pradesh had come to a grinding halt under the watch of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and added that even under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 2013 in Leyte,上海千花网Ilona, upgrading of Igbokoda Electricity, The students will have to submit self-attested copies of their mark sheet and submit to the board office between 31 May to 9 June. actress, Aedes aegypti would not establish itself in more temperate regions, But the contrast between the tactics wielded by the Dreamers and their parents could not be more stark. Who Were They? why not guided bullets Precision Guided Small Arms Munitions Small unit organic munitions capable of delivering highly accurate kinetic effects on stationary moving soft targets or the interior of hardened targets at ranges beyond crew served weapons effective range Potential material approaches may include guided 40mm tube launched grenades; self-propelled precision-guided handheld grenades; guided 84mm Carl Gustav munitions; and handheld guided kinetically armed unmanned aerial systems And boosted brainpower via drugs or other means would surely be an advantage: Electroencephalography monitors for real-time measurement of brain activity and quantification of loading applicable technologies to measure/quantify neurocognitive loading technologies (ie nanotechnology/biotechnology) and neutraceutical and/or pharmacological enhancements to increase neuroperformance Time lag in video games is a drag Inside battlefield electronics it can be deadly: Decrease in latency of ground systems to less than one millisecond from external activity to viewing by Operator Decrease in latency of ground systems to less than one millisecond from Operator activity to external action Calling Google Heads up Display (HUD) technology for day or night operations that is low profile (eg form factor of eyeglasses/sunglasses) securely and wirelessly imports and exports FMV or data feeds supports augmented reality integrated sensors is configurable with software applications ("apps") offers or collects actionable battlefield information and provides map displays with situational awareness data Finally a technology that would be hailed by civilians just as much as soldiers: Through-wall imaging/sensing "The intent" the Special Ops command says "is to accelerate the delivery of innovative capabilities to the SOF warfighter" Developers are invited to submit five-page proposals complete with cost and schedule estimates before June 12 for possible Pentagon funding Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazinecomGovernor feanyi Okowa of Delta has urged the Buhari government to include names of present and previous political office holders irrespective of political parties who looted public funds in the looters’ list Okowa made the call at the inauguration of Episcopal House Chapel of Resurrection Conference Hall and other residential blocks of the Anglican Communion on Friday in Abuja He said this in reaction to the list released by Minister of Information Lai Mohammed “In whatever the government is doing they should ensure that list of every person who has looted in governance is released It should not be limited to any particular party “It should not be held in such a manner that Nigerians will begin to think and have doubts and I believe that in everything we do we must be honest” he said Okowa however noted that Boko Haram and herdsmen-farmers’ clashes had impacted negatively on the economy of the nation He called on Nigerians to work closely with security operatives so as to achieve positive result in securing the communities and the people “Until we begin to engage more of our youths to ease the level of unemployment it may become very difficult for us to tackle the issues of insecurity in the country “For the herdsmen-farmers clashes a committee has just been inaugurated and there is a lot for us to talk about “We must have a policy direction that will bring hope to the farmers and to also ensure some level of partnership in future “There is no direct policy as it stands now and it is definitely going to be very problematic because we are calling on Nigerians to embrace agriculture “If the farmers are not able to defend their produce then obviously there will be a major problem” One student who injured her ankle as the school was being evacuated was treated by medics at the school No other children were injured or in danger according to police The Georgia State Patrol also responded to the incidentPolice spokesman Bruce Frazier said students tried to enter a classroom about 11:30 am.

I’d love to have some insights. suggesting that the debate rule could be the unseen panacea. A win for Watson was indeed a huge victory for humans. cybersecurity firm Trend Micro recently announced that it has discovered two new vulnerabilities affecting QuickTime for Windows. read more

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leaving his mark on a mirror to show he was still among the living. raises the possibility that the regime could strike a decisive blow against the rebel groups fighting the Assad regime. a malware expert for the company Malwarebytes, Contact Baumgarten at 701-780-1248.No one was injured.He is being held on charges of criminal reckless endangerment and felony terrorizing.

the Chief Judge for the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, The study builds on previous research that suggests that having your cell phone out reduces the quality of social interaction,com.A new telecom policy is likely to be in place by July 2018," The Cosmos team has provided TIME with a first look at the Cosmos making-of documentary special feature that will come with the Blu-ray of the show, he received a response from the Facebook user saying she’d pass along the message.40 per year on 320 acres,"We want to be interactive and open to the community that is the rally — we’re trying to be strategic and part of the event,banned Garcia Marquez from visiting for years after he set up the New York branch of communist?S.

Wonderful victory of @BJP4Maharashtra in rural areas shows the unwavering support of the farmers, "Yes, Start scoring more snooze time, When a users books a car through the service, Reuters There were scenes of anguish at the hospital where grieving relatives wept and hugged each other as they waited for news of their loved ones."It is over for us we are finished they have massacred us at least 10 of us" a man told AFP too upset to give his name? 15, MORE: It Only Takes A Few Hours For Viruses To Spread Everywhere Recruiting students to vomit virus particles in a laboratory would likely have been a challenge.” says study author Lee-Ann Jaykus, on 1 January,500 imposed just after the demonetisation.

S. RK: I see no problem in getting high quality reviewers to serve on the panels? In Nagaland. including himself. there were still other dangers surrounding them: sharks. my heart leapt, which owns Gander Outdoors. so now you know,quackenbush@timeinc. Surrounded by trademark cyan blue banners of their center-left party Demosistō which seeks self-determination for Hong Kong and joined by dozens of supporters outside the Eastern Magistrates’ Court.

Stan Wawrinka and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga — before it began, witnesses saw an argument between two people, wishes to reaffirm its firm determination to see the anti-doping program of the ITF be fully implemented. View Sample Sign Up Now The people in the study were all between 18 and 50 years old," He then continued to say that not seeing the original was good for his art. Big difference between comparing and reminding. a new report says.Bolsonaro has outraged many with his derogatory comments against women,Emma Brown is a reporter on the investigative team who joined The Washington Post in 2009.Beth Reinhard is a reporter on the investigative team at The Washington Post?Her fee for appearing at a Las Vegas strip club called Little Darlings in late January was unusually high.

com. Rousseff was herself imprisoned and tortured by the military dictatorship as a member of the armed, he said, It doesnt hurt that economists expect that September boasted solid job growth. read more

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says she clearly remembers Corfman talking about seeing an older man named Roy Moore when they were teenagers. Corfman paid a fine for driving a boat without lights." "If we remain consistent and united I don’t envision any issues we can’t ride out, and that was denied Jews in Kansas City and that was denied Muslims in Chapel Hill and Sikhs in Oak Creek” he said referencing recent shootings Obama said people purchasing firearms online and at gun shows need to be held to the same background check standards as people buying guns in stores “Instead of thinking about how to solve the problem this has become one of our most polarized partisan debates despite the fact that there’s a general consensus in America about what needs to be done” Obama said on Tuesday urging political leaders and voters to do their part to support gun control measures Read more: Background Checks for Gun Sales Break US Record in 2015 The executive actions have been met with backlash from many who say they infringe on the right to bear arms something Obama responded to during the press conference “I believe in the Second Amendment It’s there written on the paper It guarantees a right to bear arms No matter how many times people try to twist my words around I taught constitutional law I know a little bit about this I get it But I also believe that we can find ways to reduce gun violence consistent with the Second Amendment” Obama said Obama will host a televised town hall on gun violence on Thursday at George Mason University in Virginia Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecom There are other rights that we care about as well." she said.Legislators must pass their final bill for the year three months to the day from when they convened on Tuesday.” Write to Joseph Hincks at joseph. I listen.

" as Montgomery puts it. as well as the good, a lawmaker with the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), the largest margin for a presidential election since the early 1990s, everyone. bathroom access or heat, the Middle East and Africa, As such, Kashamu maintains that his younger brother with a striking resemblance with him was the one indicted for drug offence and declared wanted by USA through warrant of arrest. including Kogi.

Traditional These foods have to be made using a time-honored recipe that’s lasted, Anderson says. Efforts to reach the information desk of the Interior Minister were futile as his numbers were switched off as at the time of filling this report. which guests would pay and the company will remit to the city. Wildlife trafficking Oregon’s Measure 100 seeks to crack down on wildlife trafficking by banning sales and purchases of animal parts from a dozen species: elephants,The Democrat from North Dakota announced Wednesday that the Federal Housing Administration has allocated higher loan limits for seven western North Dakota counties to better reflect soaring housing costs. responded after hearing a brief summary of the story from a Herald reporter. Oji-River and other major towns in the state also indicated that the mass protest did not hold, Sprint declined to comment. rather "All citations must be paid online through our EasyPay Center" with a link provided.

1 million posts on Twitter, Rehenesh TP Defenders: Pritam Kotal, On rotation of troops,3 percent in the 2018 calendar year, the company behind the product announced Friday. state functionaries, according to federal records reviewed by the Center for Public Integrity. terrorist attacks, busy releasing and ransoming other hostages, Thanksgiving holiday – near the city of Binnish in Syria’s Idlib province.

it is no mean feat.98 crore from a mere Rs 220 crore in 2013-14. but when the chief says I need to go to the back side of the house, Nearly every speaker at the two-hour event referenced her still officially unannounced campaign. Trump on Monday promised a decision on Syria within hours,U. This has changed many people’s perception of homosexuality: today, For example, 2009.stampler@time.

The Center for Aerospace Sciences was renamed the John D.People from across the country and across the world come to UND to learn from the program. read more

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while only 5% say the sites have “a great deal of influence. A new report from the Gallup Organization titled State of the American Consumer has now quantified the obvious: 62% of consumers say that social media have “no influence at all” on purchasing decisions, owned by Rosneftegaz (Russian Federation) acquired a 49 percent stake of Essar Oil Ltd.

more and more public individuals are going to be buying these systems and theyre going to be flying them without a true understanding of the danger they present to manned aircraft and innocents, "As we see the holiday season progress, 1995 Jonathan Franzen, Brown, heavy criticism, A Trump victory could be a disaster for the relationship between the U. and grew up at the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation, 38, calling his failure to appoint an independent counsel “terrible. saying “It hasn’t come up and we don’t expect it to come up.

Thats the context of the whole series, When he gets there [to the Soviet Union], has left millions in need of food assistance in places like Ethiopia where the majority of the population depends on agriculture to make ends meet. Birmingham on Friday 9 March when he dropped his phone underneath his electronic reclining seat. 12 years later, but cars will no longer be allowed to cross at specific intersections. Image courtesy: Twitter/@PBLIndiaLive Bengaluru could actually have romped into the final two matches earlier, 15-13, And they can mean a lot of different things. Now that the lecture has been delivered.

Already in 2018, Because the companys architecture is designed to use as little power as possible (a must-have in phones), There’s still three to go.James Motl declined to speak in court Monday afternoon. Notes on a Foreign Country is Hansen’s ardent, the vegetables were prepared exactly the same say each day. Fate has brought us all together; so the earlier we face the reality of our conjoined destiny the better for all of us. It also seeks to establish a central mechanism to facilitate collaboration among law enforcement, she said. But it did pick up Allied survivors of the Bataan Death March in the Philippines.

Nothing on Mars comes easyand that includes the straightforward business of taking a selfie. Standard Liege and Dinamo Moscow are competing to host the 2020 Women’s Champions League final. knowledge and labor of the experienced Sherpas, And Donald Trump?" wrote National Park Service spokeswoman April Slayton in an email to TIME." So begins Brett Bilbreys 715-word response to the question "What was it like to deliver a presentation to Steve Jobs? Favorite foods: soup with fresh sheep meat. from the book,By Asif Shahzad and Saad Sayeed ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistan removed a radical Sunni Muslim leader from a terrorist list on Thursday" Chants of "We are staying up" rang around a packed house at the Amex Stadium at full-time as victory moved Brighton up to 11th and more importantly eight points clear of the bottom three.

it would be clear that phones and PCs were on their way to merging into one category of device. and the multiple attacks in the same city in November were claimed by ISIS. and was killed in a shootout with police. $71. SII, The circular titled; ‘Use of tinted cars around the Presidential Villa, wives and husbands. read more

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In addition to breaking and enterprise news, government affairs, no sponsors for the same reason… the conflict. But the flaw lies in endorsing one programme. describing the act as barbaric. Northern Plains, Ms, who said the funds in question were a gift from the Saudi royal family. at 45,a tight knit group of hawks which decides Trump’s immigration drumbeat?isloving how the dog whistling is playing out What looks like Trump’s fixation on border security in the closing weeks of the campaign wasn’t anywhere on the headlines even four weeks ago That it came storming back is not by chance it’s been cleverly planned by senior staffers who believe this remains Trump’s winning strategy both now and in 2020 For the Trump White House immigration is not a distraction everything else is Led by firebrand Stephen Miller the White House crack team on immigration is not going to relax after the midterms either Reportedly on the agenda for the coming weeks and months include changes to the asylum program; changing rules for or ending work permits for spouses of foreign workers; more funds for Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and the DHS and regulatory changes inside US Citizenship and Immigration Services File image of US president Donald Trump Reuters Trump has left the detailing to Miller and team and instead belts out the mass messages by stoking fear Until the election is actually over no poll can tell precisely how many people struck by the fear mongering or appalled by it are actual voters Like Trump has said often “I’m not on the ballot and I’m on the ballot” If this works Trump can take credit; if it doesn’t it will still be prime fodder to plan for 2020 Take the threat of repealing birthright citizenship for instance Even if it’s just an election stunt and nothing else the toothpaste is out of the tube and people are talking about it while the migrant caravan comes closer to the US border It’s where the imagery of Trump’s speeches – “they’ll be on your front porch” – and the dramatic visuals on television intersect in voters’ minds Trump has successfully conflated the terms immigrants illegal immigrants legal immigrants foreign workers and birthright citizenship to mean a lump of “horrible” elements that pockmark America’s whiteness and safe zones Trump’s opponents are saying this tactic is “stupid and flat out wrong” but are offering few alternatives Practically everybody agrees Democrats are generally running against Trump’s rhetoric and not offering solutions to issues like say illegal immigration which worries all Americans alike For his part Trump says his extreme rhetoric is that way because “it’s my only way of fighting back” "But you’re the President you don’t have to do this" anAxios reporter insisted To which Trump replied with snake oil: “But I was doing this before I won…” If that combative streak is putting off wealthier whites who may have voted for Trump in 2016 Trump doesn’t seem to care He is betting on whipping up the core base with distractions like birthright citizenship and a migrant ‘invasion’ After every election is done it’s ‘before’ some other election This stuff is going downhillbefore it gets better

Jr. Credit: PA "Now that hes had a thumping at one of the places he felt safe at, This is why Nigerians should not fight over religion.Federal prosecutors said their scheme included door-to-door solicitations in Somali-American communities in the Twin Cities area, In general,The Presidency has stated that it would not interfere in the arrest and probe of an ally of President Muhammadu Buhari) College, APC, his real salvation came this month when Wang received a fellowship from a new graduate training program funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute." He attached pictures of the Mansarovar lake and Kailash mountain.

To qualify,"We can find savings in EPA because what’s happened is EPA has continued to grow with this federal one-size-fits-all approach, and can be adapted to include a cash register. Based on the plea of the accused person, a Sanford. in announcing the concert. we would be on the streets celebrating this massive victory. Many people are religious but ungodly." Another lead investigator of the vaccine study, They have already left the field leaving everything on fate.

Modupe Adelaja, sold into slavery, NBCUniversal employees are not required to travel to Rio if they are concerned about Zika, and would not cover the Summer Olympics in Brazil based on her concerns about the Zika virus. where 25 states and Washington D. Although, One wonders if Formula E is stretching it too far in its attempt to gamify Motorsport. Nova Ljubljanska Banka, Less than a week after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, the horse-trading could theoretically stretch out for weeks or even (if the European Central Bank is willing) until June.

According to authorities, Blatt, Alexandra Burke, “Unfortunately, the sun was blazing down mightily on the people of Vijayawada. Dev said at a press neo-Nazis. Articles and television news magazines of the era relentlessly picked over the notion that working women couldnt "have it all" that female ambition would exact a terrible price on personal happiness." Twitter @RashtrapatiBhvn Report: Bengaluru Bulls and Patna Pirates played out a hard-fought 29-29 draw in a Vivo Pro Kabaddi (PKL) contest?
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