Shanghai Longfeng revealed the deepest secret optimization

two, Shanghai dragon is the most taboo. Some good Shanghai dragon new strategy occasionally on the network, it will cause a lot of people’s attention, just some time ago rain events will make Shanghai dragon circles, the webmaster wurenbuxiao. Only rely on the more than 400 one-way links can go beyond the Shanghai dragon WHY, beyond the love of Shanghai encyclopedia, individuals still admire this person, this person to use the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon is very skilled, for the love of Shanghai is also quite understand the ranking factors. You would think this person is very powerful. But if we follow the operation, will be the same as his website love 10 Fen not only altitude. Now his site in the sea did not affect the love. This event, we should learn to Shanghai based Phoenix > read more

Shanghai Longfeng forum for survival by forum No. 20 light-years off

article "the forum No. 20 close to Shanghai light dragon forum operations." on A5, said the Shanghai Phoenix Forum operation how hard it is, but as the webmaster friends comment (large step), for some of the statements in this article do not agree, then in use. The point of view of the webmaster rebuttal about this article, about the law of the survival of Shanghai dragon forum, hope to get the support of friends.

second, refute "Shanghai dragon forum profit model is not clear"

first, talk about the "Shanghai dragon forum spamming the brunt of

Although the

from this picture, we see that these sites are generally lack of management, but also included a large class of such speed, and then in Shanghai with love for the new page included 24 hours of class has certain additive effect, so have the following reaction; but if Shanghai Longfeng forum is garbage first but, it is difficult to explain the problem, including the prevention effect now, discuz have great plug-in can solve a lot of junk information, at this point, I believe that as Shanghai Longfeng research site and we are very confident out for such a response; read more

Deng Kanhao Shanghai dragon ER using search engines to get outside the chain of eight skills

we can write some original articles for submission to get the chain better, because the weight of the submission site is relatively high, such as A5, a web site, Chinese nets etc. this kind, if we can get through this, and recommended, so the effect will be better, but because through a. There will be a lot of size websites reproduced in the past, so the chain is not very easy to get it, the general site will not put your link removed. Although >

second: use others sites for resource

, I believe many of my friends have to do outside the chain and trouble, do Shanghai dragon ER is a very tiring, I am no exception, now I am in the company every day is doing the same thing every day, one hundred outside the chain, some people will not be too much, I’ll tell you this article one hundred the chain is not what, many of my friends say that one hundred outside the chain where to do? Where there are so many outside chain resources. I think you’re the only to find, to practice, you will find that the one hundred chain is actually not too much, is rarely. If you say you do not have these resources, it is because you do not have to, so don’t have, because some of the chain to share out the Internet now, are thousands of tens of thousands, but I tell you, the chain resources are not many can be used, I also used the Sea chain the resource tool, many forums are not open, I just say here is the forum resources, I’m not saying much sea resources outside the chain of tools that other resources are not available. Do the chain these time I summed up some tips for the chain resources to explore together with you. read more

A5 marketing the recent love Shanghai algorithm, see!

page information facts, TITLE title, Keyword keywords do not seek truth from facts, in order to optimize the flow and deliberately increase, with serious attitude, "wrote the" mentality to take seriously every article, every article published the article, the title is reasonable, whether thought, reflected in the page.

weekly review: the recent search engine of new audit maturity greatly extended, if the weight fluctuation is normal, without worrying too much. For the old site, A5 marketing reminder: by K website, after optimization, even to solve the problem, the search engine ranking period will be extended to cache. Needs a solid effort, can only be the rainbow after the rain! Well, don’t nag, following the discussion we enter.

mass chain era gone for ever, if you are still in the "old consciousness" to judge the search, then will lose in a complete mess; do not hold fluky psychology, use: mass, fat, that is not really real. read more

How to analyze the user experience

1.: sensory experience presented to the user on the audio-visual experience, emphasizing comfort;

2.: interactive experience presented to the user operation experience, emphasize the ease of use, availability of

normal user experience

5.: trust experience presented to the user experience of trust, emphasis on reliability.

3.: emotional experience presented to the user psychological experience, emphasizing the friendly;

The ; This article from the "Shanghai Rui

ruffian depth analysis of the dragon" knowledge point, very good.

search engine to determine user experience

[introduction] now the search engine has been not to link analysis as the center, but to the user experience as the center. In the content relevance judgment and link analysis based on the normal, "the user experience for the search rankings more and more influence. The user experience of the website optimization (UEO), should be the product manager work strictly, but the search engine in order to make them available to the user’s web browsing users the most love, is the most comfortable, with a series of techniques to increase the search ranking effect on the web, so ordinary Shanghai Longfeng personnel we should optimize the understanding of user experience, and to understand the search engine in the end is how to judge the quality of a web user experience. read more

How to quickly build enterprise website ranking love Shanghai

4. platform has released some of the building materials quality post

2. key chain improve the chain site correlation. Therefore I to them to the recruitment information, enterprise B2B platform account account. And the recruitment information, product information, business information will be on their own description options, all into the company name: a bottle of this cloud anchor text. And the relevant description in the text surrounding the key.

so I feel now the chain is still very important, but the chain of correlation is a key priority. It is more important than the number of the chain.

3. the rational use of e-mail, I asked them to all the staff of the company, a mailbox information release information on the Internet as long as the link, fill in the enterprise mailbox. @yzbjq贵族宝贝 read more

One Piece share high quality Links experience with you

website content is different, we need to exchange the object is different, we all know for friendship "counterparts" ranking on the website of the impact is relatively large. So, through the keyword search to find the exchange objects, this website and you exchange the weight is the highest. For example, the "territory Wangzhuan" is, do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum website, customers are mainly do Wangzhuan people and small owners, then you need to, and Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, network related websites, direct search engines search relevant keywords can easily find these sites.

> Courtesy of

find the site with their counterparts next is the exchange Links, but often there will be a lot of ranking than you in front of a lot of Links sites do not want to exchange with you, but the time is difficult, if you put your heart into it, then talk about how to walk with higher ranked than you Links exchange website. read more

People jiquanshengtian about nepotism in Shanghai Dragon

on Thursday is February 17th, 2011 after the Spring Festival, Shanghai love the first large-scale update, search results ranking has changed, there are famous Adsense nets through the investigation on the webmaster, the update, the ranking of the decline of the website ranking rose significantly more than the site involved in the investigation must be the most personal webmaster this simple survey, you can find love in Shanghai once again abandoned personal sites and small sites, good rankings give priority to the station, station, the old station and well-known professional station, of course ranking from search engine results, this is a good natural station in terms of content more in line with the optimal search results, search the engine to provide better user experience of the website, still have to rely on the strength of the site, rather than small personal website. read more

8 strokes teach you to love Shanghai snapshot is not normal

love Shanghai is keyword rank, if the title, keywords, description is always more to change, the love of Shanghai how to rank you keywords? Or some website today to do consulting, tomorrow change forum, today also speak of a healthy diet, become tomorrow’s military politics, this website love Shanghai can not determine the classification and keyword you, it is better not sure, your cool.

site space is always the lifeblood of both the safety performance, space size, load level, including speed and stability, which is not a key site of survival, a tattered rags program space + the result, is the only day is horse, a variety of malicious attacks, the server is not stable, the website often play don’t open, you said this website, not updated snapshot, love Shanghai K is God bless. read more

Shanghai Longfeng front far more than the industry standard first-line Shanghai Longfeng exchange fo

so Shanghai Longfeng front forum should be from time to time, in order to share the knowledge popularization line of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon help front-line practitioners have a better working environment, and gives Shanghai Longfeng learners have a better learning environment.

currently is in front of Shanghai Longfeng new stage, but has produced a lot of high quality, it is difficult to see the contents of other places. It needs more Shanghai dragon to create a Shanghai dragon home.

Shanghai: Shanghai dragon qx贵族宝贝/

and the Shanghai dragon experience, there is almost only focused on the line of a small Shanghai dragon in the brain, rarely spread share. Now the Internet rumors of Shanghai dragon, never stop behind the line level than a year or two. Therefore, the industry overall downturn, also affected the line of people. read more