For the first time, Pula Airport welcomes 500 passengers

first_imgPula Airport this year, for its fiftieth anniversary, really has reason to celebrate.After a record May, June, July and August in terms of the number of passengers, as well as in terms of the number of air operations, a successful series of record numbers continues in September. Thus, on September 12, 2017, Pula Airport welcomes 500 thousand passengers, who have not been at Pula Airport since Croatian independence, and the record number of passengers from last year was dropped on August 26, when Puča Airport welcomed over 436.121 passengers. “So far, the total traffic from January to August has increased by 31% compared to last year, noting that we were closed to traffic for almost two months due to the change of the runway. We are extremely proud of the fact that and airlines, even under increased peak load, recognize our work and professionalism and our relationship with business partners and passengers, which maintains the constant of a serious, safe and exceptional airport. ” points out Anđela Monas, from Pula Airport.The arrival of 500 passengers at Pula Airport will be marked with prepared prizes for half a million passengers in order to further highlight this exceptional and important event for the entire Istrian economy.Records are here to be broken, a popular proverb is known, and it is great to achieve growth in any segment, including air transport, because transport connections are the first prerequisite for long-term development. But what worries in this year’s positive “madness” for records is how many destinations take all this growth seriously, because only with strategic development and planning can we talk about sustainable, quality and long-term development of tourism.Let’s start in order, from parking, accommodation, the entire city infrastructure, beaches, signalization, etc.… because with all this growth, investments in the entire infrastructure and tourist offer must grow. Sustainable tourism is the only long-term right path.last_img read more

Mystery shoppers: The quality of service in tourism is better than last year

first_imgIn the period from June to September 2017, Heraklea doo, the first specialized agency for mystery shopping in Croatia, conducted a traditional survey of service quality in our tourism “Summer 2017” which aims to get the right situation on the ground, a picture of how guests see us, record the state of service quality as well as get answers on how to improve the quality of service in our tourism.Destinations along the Adriatic coast, but also continental Croatia, and Secret guests visited a total of 978 locations, of which: 638 visits to tourist facilities (hotels, camps, tourist boards, restaurants, bars, night clubs, cafes, pastry shops, fast food …), And 340 in accompanying tourist facilities (wellness, sports, excursions, museums, wineries, agritourism, banks, post offices, exchange offices, gas stations, ferry lines, marinas, taxis, aquapark…)The results in the overall survey are better than last year, which is more than commendable because we have had a decline in service quality in the last few years.That’s right 83,13% employees greetings guest on arrival, while last year’s result was 86,40%. The smile of gold is worth it, especially in tourism, ie service, and it is 71,51% employees are smiled to the guest, which is a better result than last year when we 64,13% of employees smiled at the guests.Goodbye and come to us again, it should be the last sentence of the guest when he leaves your accommodation or winery. That’s right 83,22% employees greetings guest on departure (last year ‘s result 82,03%) while 72,82% of employees thanked the guest (last year’s result 64,45%).Unfortunately, only 28,31% is an employee called like on re-arrival, and regardless of growth in this category (last year’s result of 24,53%) yet we can argue that this is devastating data. Regardless of improving the level of service, we certainly still have a lot of room to grow, of course, only if we care about our guests. Otherwise, mystery shoppers measure the moment of truth, the quality of performance, whether something happened or not, therefore, they transmit a snapshot of the situation at a particular point in time.Measuring the quality of performance is extremely important in tourism for every tourist destination, because we are talking about the attitude towards our tourists who came on vacation, traveled hundreds of kilometers and pay for the service of both accommodation and experience of the destination. I keep emphasizing that accommodation is not a motive for coming, but a tourist destination. And that is why it is crucial to measure the level of quality of performance in tourism because that is the key to success and provides an answer to the main question: Is the guest satisfied with the vacation after 7 or 14 days and will he return to our destination next year as well? How to achieve the enthusiasm of tourists with their service?Illustration: HrTurizam.hrThis is a question for every tourist worker in tourism, whether it is about hosts in family accommodation, cafes, souvenir shops, all the way to employees in tourist boards. Tourism is complex and consists of a thousand small cubes that make up a mosaic. Each of these small cubes, no matter how less important, makes the final picture of the whole mosaic – the mosaic of our tourism.In order to be able to grow strategically and with quality, we must primarily be aware of the need to measure the quality of our service or product, and of course measure the level and quality of service we provide to our guests. Customer enthusiasm is the level of performance at which they are convinced that products and services far exceed their expectations! It is the “Holy Grail” in the paradigm of being better than the competition. Customer enthusiasm starts with small things.All employees can and must provide added value, especially those who are at the forefront of defense. I think we need to fix that first line of defense and raise awareness about the importance of those people who make the first contact. From the receptionist, the waiter, the store staff and everyone else – because they are the ones who communicate directly with the guests and who influence the level of enthusiasm or gap. Unfortunately, they are put in the background, both financially and hierarchically. Of course, the offer and quality of the product is the first, but this image must be communicated by someone in the field and shown in order to be credible – and these are the people with whom guests have their first and daily contact. How much these people are paid and satisfied with their job, whether they are motivated and do their best to better present their company or brand in the best light, I leave the answers to these questions to you to judge.I think that the job of mystery shoppers is a very important tool in the mosaic of our tourism and we should use it much more often. Unfortunately, in Croatia, marketing still belongs to the sphere of costs, not investments, and too little or nothing is written about mystery shopping, nor do tourism workers know that this valuable tool exists.Service in tourism is crucial, even more important than the quality of accommodation. With excellent performance we can always compensate for some shortcomings at the destination, and if we care about the guest we will always look for ways to exceed their expectations. We must not look at the short term and look at how to “take” money only today, we need to think long term, among other things, it is the meaning that we have long-term and self-sustainable tourism. Let us be constantly aware of how the guest feels in our destination and because we have justified “value for money” because that is the only way we can profit in the long run.Word of mouth marketing has always been and always will be the best advertisement.Related news:last_img read more

Promotion of business tourism in nine world markets

first_imgThe Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) is conducting a special promotional campaign focused on the promotion of business tourism as one of the key segments of the Croatian tourist offer.The campaign is running to completion December this year in the markets France, USA, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Benelux, Italy, Russia and Slovenia. The communication channels through which the campaign is conducted are social networks (Linkedin), print ads in specialized MICE editions and online advertising channels. “Business tourism is an important tourist product because individual and group business guests are a stable source of demand, which, depending on trends, is most pronounced in the pre- and post-season periods. Research among hoteliers shows that business guests make up 10 to 15 percent of the share of all hotel guests. We will continue to promote this product in key foreign markets with the aim of significantly extending the tourist season”, Said the director of the CNTB, Kristjan Staničić. As they point out in the CNTB, other activities aimed at promoting business tourism are being carried out, and in 2019 they will appear on specialized congress exchanges such as IMEX Frankfurt, IMEX America, IBTM Barcelona and CONVENTA Ljubljana, and there is also the organization and participation in business workshops as part of which meetings are held with key partners. Fairs, Buy and Sell workshopsBe sure to follow the list of fairs as well as Buy and Sell workshops which in practice have proven to be great b2b meetings.Buy Croatia is organized with the aim of directly introducing foreign partners to the tourist offers of certain destinations and / or new tourist products, while business workshops “Sell Croatia” (B2B workshop) are held between Croatian tourism entities and foreign partners, but characteristic of the concept “Sell Croatia ”is the holding of workshops on emitting markets.See more about Sell and Buy workshops HEREAre you on the list of congress tourism service providers? See if your offer and hotel is among the service providers in congress tourism, if not, be sure to contact the CNTB so that you can be among the service providers for congress tourism ( HERE )List of fairs in 2019List of fairs in 2019 organized by the Main Office of the Croatian National Tourist Board. At these fairs, there is the possibility of co-exhibiting in a smaller or larger co-exhibition space, depending on the size of the stand and the position within the stand. See more in the attachment below about the conditionsSide dish:LIST OF FAIRS in 2019  And yes for the end, be sure to take advantage for more information on markets and foreign partners  representations of the CNTB, they are there for you and surely they know the individual market best. And there are interesting ones emission market profiles which give a brief insight into each market.last_img read more

En Primeur 2019: Premiere of domestic white and red wines

first_imgIncreasingly active Međimurje wine scene through Association of winemakers and winemakers of Međimurje Hortus Croatia has already introduced the young pushchair, thus continuing the successful branding of the pushchair as a registered trademark. In cooperation with the County of Međimurje and the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, young Međimurje forces have been conducting clone selection since 2011 with the aim of obtaining 3-4 clones to further protect autochthony, and is one of the few domestic varieties whose wine rests in a unique bottle, specially designed for this indigenous variety. Sommeliers, owners and managers of restaurants, bars, hotels, F&B managers, distributors and other wine experts, as well as lovers of a great drink, will do so on Thursday, January 31 in the Crystal Hall of the Westin Hotel in Zagreb from 13 pm to 19 pm. hours and is free) to be able to taste the wines of more than sixty winemakers from three wine regions for the first time. Primarily, there will be Graševina, Pošip and Pušipel from the 16 harvest on the tables Vlado Krauthaker, president of the association Graševina Croatica expects “really a lot, especially when it comes to wine quality.” The Croatian wine scene is getting richer and better, which we will no doubt be able to see for ourselves En Primeuru 2019 and to taste the wines of sixty-five winemakers from Slavonia and the Danube region, Dalmatia and Međimurje for the first time. Project “Clone selection cv. Graševina ”commissioned by the Municipality of Kutjevo and the Association of Producers was recognized by the competent institutions of the Graševina clone and included in the variety list in Croatia, which created the conditions for its reproduction in order to expand the quality potential of the queen of Croatian wines and New, younger generations of Dalmatian winemakers have raised the bar in every part of business and thinking about winemaking and through Association of Dalmatian Wine they continued to develop the improvement of vineyards and wineries experiencing their renaissance. En Primeur 2018, photo: PR Light Communications In true wine! In cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, 13 clone selection projects were launched (simplified: breeding procedure with the aim of improving the characteristics of the variety): škrlet, graševina, kraljevina, pušipel, Krk žlahtina and eight Dalmatian varieties: Korčula Greek, Pošip, Plavac Mali, Plavina, Debit, Maraština, Vugava and Babić). At this year’s En Primeur, there will be special talk about Graševina, whose clone selection began in 2004, and Pušipela (Šipon, Moslavac). En Primeur it is a unique event of tasting young wines of the last vintage and red wines of older years and exclusive wines that will only be offered to the market. These are the first wine tastings, so that the professional public and all wine lovers can recognize the potential of the wines that are yet to come on offer. In the circles of wine experts, the event was recognized as the center of the premiere tasting of the previous year’s harvest.last_img read more

The tourist offer of Kvarner in cooperation with Lonely Planet will be presented in London

first_imgOn the occasion of declaring Kvarner an annual award “Best in TravelFor 2020 and highlighting Kvarner as one of the “must go” destinations in 2020 and inclusion in the list of “Top 10 regions” in the selection of Lonely Planet Magazine, Kvarner Tourist Board organizes a press conference at the WTM fair in London on Monday, November 4 2019. In Kvarner, British guests in 2018 had 8 percent more arrivals and 6 percent more overnight stays compared to 2017, while in the nine-month period of 2019 the growth trend continued, so that 17 percent more arrivals and 28 percent more overnight stays compared to the same period in 2018. Lonely Planet is one of the most important specialized, tourist media in the world. It has a great reputation and credibility, and, in the opinion of the profession, the awards it gives are proof of the real value of the destination. The visibility of the winners reaches large numbers, namely approximately 3 billion users who have been placed information about the winners, 10 million views of video materials, etc., which speaks of the impact on the world tourism market. The Kvarner Tourist Board is participating in the WTM fair as part of the presentation of the Croatian National Tourist Board, where the Rijeka Tourist Board, the Rijeka 2020 ECOC and the Kvarner Tourist Board have a common exhibition space. At the fair, in addition to the press conference with Lonely Planet Magazine, the Kvarner Tourist Board will have numerous meetings with media representatives and partners. Tom Hall, vice president of Lonely Planet Magazine and prefect Zlatko Komadina will speak about Kvarner at the press conference, and director of the Kvarner Tourist Board Irena Peršić Živadinov will give a presentation on the tourist offer of Kvarner with an emphasis on the offer of cultural tourism. The press conference organized by the Kvarner Tourist Board will be attended by the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia Gari Cappelli and the Director of the CNTB Head Office Kristjan Staničić. Along with the appropriate promotional material, journalists will have the opportunity to get to know Kvarner through specially prepared videos. Since 2010, looking at the total tourist traffic, Kvarner has been growing systematically, by as much as 45 percent more overnight stays in 2019. However, it is especially important that, for example, in the pre-season in 2019 there were almost 90 percent more overnight stays than in the same period in 2010, and the popularity and recognition of Kvarner certainly contribute to such valuable awards and continuous promotion of Kvarner attractions. Source / photo: Kvarner Tourist Board; Lonely Planetlast_img read more

Mike Saran arrived in Croatia by bicycle

first_imgOn the sixth day since he left Prague and covered more than 700 kilometers through the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia on his bicycle, Mike Saran – owner of the Le Meridien Lav hotel in Split and founder of the Sport2Life foundation, arrived in Croatia yesterday (June 12.06.2020, XNUMX). So far, Saran, accompanied by his friend and professional Czech cyclist Tomas Grimm, has traveled 720 kilometers through the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia to Zagreb. In front of him is another 580 kilometers of road on which he plans to visit Karlovac, Rastoke, Plitvice Lakes, Gacka Valley, Krk and Skradin, Šibenik and Trogir and about all that, about the beauties and interesting things he will meet along the way, he will talk through his social networks MikeChallenge and #CycleYourDreams. Crossing the Slovenian-Croatian border at the Macelj border crossing two days ago, he achieved one of the basic goals of his feat – he proved how safe and easy it is to travel from the Czech Republic to Croatia. The goal was to prove by personal example that traveling in Europe, more precisely from the Czech Republic to Croatia, is simple after a pandemic and after the borders are open, and that Croatia is an ideal and very safe country for a summer vacation.  / / / TRAVELS BY BIKE FROM THRESHOLD TO SPLIT TO SHOW TRAVEL SAFETY AFTER A PANDEMIC “Croatia is a beautiful country and my intention was to show how easy and safe it is to get to Croatia. At the same time, Croatia, and especially Dalmatia, offers everything that a modern tourist can wish for at the moment – it is a beautiful destination with a preserved coast, you can visit it by car, bicycle, you can enjoy the sea or mountains, it is full of excellent adrenaline locations. hotel offer, is located in the heart of Europe and is a very safe destination. In addition, I wanted to once again inspire parents and children to be active, to enjoy the outdoors and in nature, to play sports, which is the main goal of my foundation Sport2Life” said Saran. Photo: BRDA Volleyball Club Mike Saran – investor in Croatia, philanthropist and founder of the Sport2Life Foundation, adventurer and owner of the Le Meridien LAV hotel in Split, decided to cover 1200 kilometers on his bike in just ten days, on roads and off road trails of the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia to your hotel in Split. His arrival in Split, more precisely his hotel Le Meridien LAV, is expected on Monday, June 15 in the evening.  last_img read more

Why not just give everyone a weapon?

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionAlong with every U.S. birth certificate, let’s issue an AR-15 assault rifle. After all, we’re just a bunch of expendable, disposable, replaceable creatures with no lasting significance, so let’s have some fun pulling triggers if we so desire. “Long live the Second Amendment.” I can only shake my head in disbelief.Also, if using the logic that “guns don’t kill people; people kill people,” let’s give anyone who wants a nuclear weapon his own personal bomb, because nuclear weapons won’t kill people either.Louis Restifo Sr.SchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesSchenectady’s Lucas Rodriguez forging his own path in dance, theater, musicEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusSchenectady man dies following Cutler Street dirt bike crashSchenectady police reform sessions pivot to onlinelast_img read more

Confidence in Dems is on the down slide

first_imgI’m having trouble understanding why politicians from both sides of the aisle can’t put aside their hatred for the president and do their job — the job that the American people elected them to do. They are using a group of people a little smaller than the population of Charlotte as a tool to inconvenience the other 320 million citizens of this country. The people of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s socialist party (credit to the five Democrats who can read the handwriting on the wall) will do anything to derail the success of the president. It’s a shame that they care nothing about what is right or wrong, what is good or what is not. They will sell their souls for the party. The economy is on fire, consumer confidence is up, there are 2 million fewer food-stamp recipients, black unemployment is low and trillions of dollars are returning to our country. If this trend continues, the Democratic Party will cease to exist. The last thing that they want is an employed black man increasing the social status of his family. They are the party of minorities as long as the minority must rely on them. As far as the undocumented immigrant situation, almost all are hard-working people who want the best for their families. I work with foreign workers. I’ve met their children and made them smile. They made me smile. If the swamp people can’t get it together soon, we will find their replacements. “Conschumer” confidence is low.Steven McCrumSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Schenectady, Saratoga casinos say reopening has gone well; revenue down 30%Schenectady department heads: Budget cutbacks would further stress already-stretched departmentsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationSchenectady man dies following Cutler Street dirt bike crashSchenectady High School senior class leaders look to salvage sense of normalcy Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more

Violence at Rivers casino far overstated

first_imgThere are a couple of points I would like to make in regards to Graham Higgins’ May 15 letter, “Dems brought us bad casino decision.” His reference to the charging of sports groups over $200 for each police car that has to be called to the field due to a disturbance is indeed a travesty. But if he wants the fee to be expanded to cover the casino. Why not expand it to cover all disturbances at any commercial establishment? Why discriminate against sports groups or the casino? By the way, what are we paying taxes for anyway? Also, his statement: “I believe we now have a casino teetering on lawlessness” is a gross exaggeration. There have been melees at other venues such as sports stadiums, etc., and they have never been branded as “places teetering on lawlessness.”I’m a frequent visitor of Rivers casino. Their security department and its procedures for maintaining a safe environment and for handling incidents are exemplary.Paul FoxSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationSchenectady High School senior class leaders look to salvage sense of normalcySchenectady NAACP calls for school layoff freeze, reinstatement of positionsMotorcyclist injured in Thursday afternoon Schenectady crashSchenectady’s Lucas Rodriguez forging his own path in dance, theater, music Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Oct. 31

first_imgO’Donnell will push for transparencyDiane O’Donnell is running for Niskayuna town clerk to put an end to a pervasive problem.Our current town clerk has historically provided minutes that are months late and that lack important meeting content and statements made by residents.  Diane O’Donnell will provide complete and accurate minutes within two weeks based on the requirements of the state Open Meetings Law.  She will make them available online and through subscription service.As an elected official, Diane will be accountable and responsive to Niskayuna residents. She will provide communication and information in compliance with the Freedom of Information Law without direction from political parties.She recognizes that Niskayuna residents have busy schedules. She will improve services by providing some weekend and evening hours to make it more convenient for the residents to do business with our Niskayuna Town Clerk.She knows that Niskayuna residents have the right to timely and complete information and quality services.She believes in community service and transparency in government. Join me in supporting and voting for Diane O’Donnell as our next Niskayuna town clerk.Gretchen DeBobesNiskayunaRiggi is one of city’s best council membersVince Riggi has proven to be one of the best City Council members being of high principles and integrity and helping Schenectady taxpayers.Vote for Vince Riggi for City Council in column 13 on the ballot. Do this first and foremost.Then, if you are not satisfied with what the present mayor is doing, especially trying to get himself a 16 percent raise in the new budget, you may let him know by writing in a person’s name like Vince Riggi, who all of you know. (Vince is only running to be re-elected to the City Council.)Make sure you use your privilege to vote on Nov. 5.(Mrs.) Jessie MaleckiSchenectadyGlenville deserves better than KohoutConflict of interest aside, can the head of the village of Scotia DPW hold town of Glenville office?On July 28 of this year, a large village-owned tree fell across the walkway into my house, causing more than $10,000 in damage. I called Andrew Kohout nearly a month prior to inform him of the condition of this tree and of the concern for public safety, as many people walk to Collins Park across the street.He was dismissive of my concern, even questioning why it was the village’s responsibility. A tree fell onto a car on Sunnyside Avenue on April 18, 2019. (The driver luckily escaping serious injury.) I was truly expecting a more concerned response from the DWP head.Due to a lack of action, on July 24, a concerned neighbor and I went to see Andrew Kohout at DPW.We showed him pictures of the tree and reiterated the concern for public safety. After three requests, he agreed to stop after work to see for himself, as he could not leave the office at that time. Andrew never showed.The town of Glenville deserves better than Andrew Kohout.Mike McGeochGlenville More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen? Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionGrateful for support after fire claims homeWhere do we begin?As we have been collecting our thoughts these past two months and trying to figure out how to pick up all of the pieces after the fire that destroyed our family’s home, we have been thinking of how to express our gratitude for the outpouring of love, thoughtfulness, support, encouragement and generosity we have received.We would first like to thank all of the first responders and firefighters who worked tirelessly to ensure everyone’s safety and provide guidance and emotional support. Their skills, knowledge, courage and bravery are amazing.Next, we would like to thank After the Fire and the American Red Cross for their support to get us back on our feet. Those who volunteer their time for these organizations are so gracious and caring.To all  our family and friends near and far, to our families in the Saratoga Springs school district and Skidmore College, to the many local businesses and organizations, and to the entire Saratoga Springs community and beyond, we thank you. Your kind words and sincere thoughtfulness gave us strength and hope and faith when we were questioning how we were going to get through this. Your love and kindness gave us the encouragement and motivation to keep moving forward. Thank you all so very much for your unbelievable generosity. We feel very thankful and blessed to be a part of such a heartfelt community and to have such an incredible support system. Our sincerest love and gratitude,The Gonzalez Family(Jose, Abby, Natalie and Harper)WiltonMore on the Gonzalez fire: Wilton fire displaces family, Operation Adopt A Soldier charity, Aug. 18, 2019Patrick an ideal choice for Sch’dy city councilI’m speaking for candidate Carmel Patrick for Schenectady City Council. Mrs. Patrick is a community activist who supports events, institutions and projects that are designed to do good works in Schenectady.She has proven her leadership in her monetary ability already at SCCC and miSci as their development officer. With excellent math skills, she is able to understand and work with budgets and has demonstrated fiscal responsibility in her prior roles.Mrs. Patrick is a very good listener and responds to good and practical ideas, an important trait for good leaders.In short, Carmel Patrick is a doer.Doing the right thing is her mantra. She will work cooperatively with courage and conviction with her colleagues to make sound decisions for Schenectady. She works tirelessly and is on the job every day.I am personally thrilled to have a person of her competence running for office in our Schenectady.Neil GolubSchenectadylast_img read more